2-Day Security Symposium


How do you protect your airport's security? We will be addressing various aspects of Airport Security in our upcoming
          2-Day Security Symposium to be held at Columbus Airport in Georgia.
          Available for the first time together, aviation professionals can benefit from a two-day security symposium for a
          reduced price of $575. A certificate will be issued upon completion as this training meets the requirements outlined
          in TSR Part 1542. 
Classes can be taken individually if it's not convenient for your schedule. Register for classes individually for $375 each.
          Intended for public safety and security staff as well as operations personnel, students have the opportunity to gain practical
          knowledge about ASC responsibilities, as well as the complexities of ID Badge requirements.

Day 1 – Airport Security Coordinator Class
This course focuses on aviation security and the many roles of the Airport Security Coordinator. The course is designed to prepare individuals to perform the functions of the ASC as required by 49 CFR 1542.3. The course includes an overview of the history of aviation security, working functions of the agencies with security responsibilities, an understanding of why information is restricted, the purpose of the Airport Security Program, and specific instruction in the functions of the Airport Security Coordinator position.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the working functions of the TSA
• Develop an understanding of why information is restricted
• Understand the purpose of the Airport Security Plan/Program
• Be able to perform the job tasks of an Airport Security Coordinator (ASC)
• Demonstrate an understanding of ASC requirements
• Be able to develop corrective action procedures for changed conditions in security operations
• Be able to audit compliance with airport security programs
• Understand liaison role with Law Enforcement at their airport

Day 2 – Airport ID Badge Process Training
The backbone of any airport’s security program is controlling access into restricted areas. The credentialing process for employees, visitors and airport tenants is the frontline defense to preventing unauthorized access.
This class focuses on understanding the complexities of requirements for issuing, tracking and auditing identification badges. Examples and real life studies will emphasize how to stay organized and integrated into the airport’s information and daily operation. Resource commitments and the responsibility for protecting the confidential information of others, training and specific guidelines for badging processes will be included. Up-to-date technology is desirable to expeditiously and accurately handle various media. An overview of a variety of software and functionality will be used as case studies for best practices currently in use in today’s security conscience aviation industry.

Learning Objectives:
· Understand the importance of vetting, authenticating, and storing breeder documents
· Be able to identify and resolve conflicting breeder document information
· Understand how to ensure accurate data entry, verification and recordkeeping
· Understand how to maintain accurate and current contact information
· Be able to outline a process used for auditing records for compliance
Join us at this 2-Day Security Symposium in Columbus, Georgia or Spokane Washington.
          Airport professionals gain valuable resources with roundtable discussions that offer best practices.
          We look forward to seeing you there!
          More Info at www.aviaed.net

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