2014 Looks To Be Another Year Of Progress

For Curaçao International Airport

AirportWILLEMSTAD – 2013 was a year of much progress for CAP and the Curaçao International Airport, and 2014 again promises to be a challenging, but exciting year of significant development.
“The effort of all employees at CAP remains focused on diligence, efficiency and dedication towards delivering the best possible airport operational and customer service product”, said Ralph Blanchard, CEO of Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) during the company’s end of the year celebration.  In 2013 CAP invested approximately  US$10 million in various new projects to upgrade our airport infrastructure including: new chairs in the Terminal; rejuvenating one third of the runway, taxiway and apron; resurfacing of airport  access roads; renovation of the bathrooms in the Departure Hall of the Terminal; installment of new Immigration counters, and several other projects. In addition, CAP Management also began planning for the development of significant programs that are necessary to improve the future functionality and competitiveness of the airport.  2013 was a year when CAP also invested significantly in employee training and engagement in an effort to better understand employee concerns and improve productivity.
In 2014, CAP projects to invest another $10 million during 2014 in new projects to continue to upgrade the airport infrastructure and to improve the operating and business platform that CAP must use to support its services and ensure the competitive success of our airport.
Blanchard used this festive event to underline the full commitment of the shareholders of CAP to the airport and to Curaçao.  According to him the investment in these projects will insure the success of the airport through the development of a functional and efficient airport business and operational platform.  These significant investments will also ensure employment of present and future employees. Blanchard further stated, “That is why we need your commitment to do the very best that job that you can do at all times.  Each of us, in whatever job we do, is a vital link to the success of CAP.”
Major investments planned by in 2014 will include  detailed planning for a Terminal Expansion and Modernization program; establishment of a General Aviation Fixed Base Operation; design and planning of an Airport Plaza; Air-Conditioning of the Check-In Hall and Security Checkpoint Area; and continued rejuvenation of the runway, taxiway and apron.  CAP has also initiated a very aggressive push to increasepassenger’s traffic at the Curacao airport through an active Air Service Development Program designed to highlight the Curacao destination to regional and international airlines. This effort will be continues and expanded in 2014.  Also noteworthy is the investment that will continue to be made by CAP in the professional development of the company’s employees Training in 2014 will continue and will focus on increasing of the knowledge and skills of the Supervisors and Coordinators at the airport to ensure the competitive success of the airport and the continued professional development of airport employees.
“From my perspective, the future looks very good for Curacao, for CAP, and for all of us associated with the airport.  But I cannot stress enough the need for us to dedicate ourselves to doing our jobs diligently, efficiently, and with a dedication to delivering the best airport system that we can to our users. Your pride in yourself and in your island should manifest itself in the way our airport looks and functions” said Blanchard.  He concluded his remarks by saying that “our work at the airport is our contribution to Curacao’s economic successand that is a very big responsibility that rests on all of our shoulders. Let’s carry it with pride!”

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