3 killed in plane crash

Tess Huber, Abigail Huber, and Michael Huber killed in plane crash

2:06 AM, Dec 9, 2013  
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said Michael Huber, 60, Tess Huber, 20 and Abigail Huber, 17, were killed in the plane crash. The victims are from Port St. Lucie.
According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the CESSNA 310 model plane flew out of Fort Piece and JSO says it was heading to Craig Airport but crashed around 6:20 Sunday evening.
Local resident David Denais recorded video of the plane in the water. He says after seeing numerous emergency vehicles, he followed officials to the crash site.
“You could see the fuselage or the engine sticking out of the water, then there was other parts of the aircraft that were out of the water and I saw the guys dragging the body out of the water,” said Denais.
JSO says the plane crashed into the retention pond and came in on the backyard property of a home on the 1700 block of Nettington Court.
“The tower has given us information that they [pilot] called into the tower saying that they couldn’t see the runway. according to the JSO air unit it’s about three mile visibility right now. They couldn’t see the runway, a short time later they got an alert that it was low altitude for the airplane and then we started getting phone calls that the plane had crashed,” said Melissa Bujeda, a spokesperson for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
Stephen Meckes lives nearby and says he heard the plane crash.
“We heard like an engine taking off and then after that it was like a loud thud.”
Craig Airport is about three miles away from the crash site.
“Now it makes me realize how close we are to Craig airfield and the flight patterns of aircrafts flying just over our subdivision, there’s always concerns,” said Denais.
NTSB and FAA will be handling the investigation.
According to the travel website FlightAware.com, the plane flew out of St. Lucie County International Airport in Fort Pierce about 5:17 p.m.
Police said fog may have played a role in the crash. First Coast News meteorologist Mike Prangley reports that visibility in the area was about two miles at the time.
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