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about ssi

SSi is the leading provider of safety and security training, and regulatory compliance consulting services to the aviation industry. Our market advantage is simply developing the most affordable, comprehensive and appropriate programs to meet our client needs.

SSi staff provide regulatory compliance consulting to assist airports write programs and manuals for TSA & FAA approval. SSi instructor-led classroom workshops are widely offered and attended by professionals across the world.

Our highly experienced staff includes aviation subject matter expertise from airports, airlines, and public safety. We also maintain close relationships with industry associations and government agencies including TSA, FAA, & ICAO to ensure our products and services meet the most current regulatory requirements.

Today more than 40 large, medium and small hub airports utilize the cloud-based, or on-premise, interactive learning management system (iLS™) to deliver more than 1,000,000 computer-based training sessions to employees and tenants annually. The iLS™ provides reporting, tracking, and data security that meet or exceed airport and government requirements. It is critically important for airport efficiency to have systems integrate; the iLS™ does.

Our iLS™ training system delivers cost-effective courses which are developed for quick updates when things change. We program and develop products in-house at our fully integrated multimedia production facility. SSi continues to solicit feedback from airport users and has incorporated over 50 upgrades and improvements to the iLS™ since its first deployment.

In addition, SSi has developed one of the most extensive interactive courseware catalogs available to the aviation industry with more than 50 courses ranging from AARF, airport security, airport driver, fueling, safety and communications and general aviation.

Using a uniquely consultative approach, SSi provides an unrivaled selection of services & products to airports of all sizes. Our cornerstone is exceptional customer service and performance.