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We deliver training on the ground to keep your business in the air. 

Our team includes industry and creative professionals focused on developing eLearning solutions designed for student objectives. Let our in-house team of graphic artists, technologists, writers, and media specialists deliver accurate programs for a variety of airport security training content. Put us to the test.

Celebrating Decades in Instruction & E-learning Delivery

Leading Innovation: As the premier source for safety and security training and regulatory consulting, we cover Aviation, Transportation, and now, the Port, Maritime, and Transit sectors.

iLS™ Training Platform: Our Interactive Learning Management System (iLS™) is at the forefront, delivering over a million online sessions yearly across 70+ airports, ports, and businesses, ensuring secure, accessible, and data-protected training experiences.

Expertly Crafted Training: Our programs are devised by industry insiders from airports, airlines, and public safety to provide affordable, targeted, and highly effective training solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Exceptional Partnerships and Service: We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and strong connections with industry and government bodies like TSA, FAA, ICAO, EPA, and OSHA, ensuring our programs are always compliant and cutting-edge.

Agile and Integrated Solutions: The iLS™ system is built for flexibility, integrating with workflows and supporting quick content updates through SCORM or AICC modules, keeping our clients ahead with continuous advancements.

We deliver:

Regulatory compliance consulting

Program and manual technical writing

Engaging online programs for TSA & FAA approval.

Women-Owned Small Business

Empowered and Certified: As a proud Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), we’re SBA-certified and recognized by the National Women Business Owners Corporation. Based in Arizona, we embody diversity and empowerment in every project we undertake.

Your Diversity Partner: Specializing in meeting WOSB and DBE partnership requirements, we bring a wealth of training development expertise to the table. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your team, enhancing project value through collaborative excellence.

Proven Excellence Since 2004: With nearly two decades of experience, our focus has always been on crafting the most affordable and effective solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. From small airports to large, our services are unmatched in quality and scope, all rooted in exceptional customer service.

Building Lasting Relationships: We’re not just looking for projects; we’re looking to build lasting partnerships. Let’s work together to create enduring value and success.

Our Partners

Scott Simpson
Scott Simpson

Cliff Golden, Sr. Account Manager SLED

Omnia Contract#: R200802
Iron Bow Technologies

Scott Simpson

US Small Business Chamber of Commerce

SSi, Inc. has been accepted into the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce. For more information please click here.

We Are WOSB Qualified

We are involved and share best practices with many state, national, and international aviation organizations. Such involvement provides our staff with firsthand knowledge of Federal Agency security positions and airport responses from across the national transportation system.

WOSB Certified Services Include:

Computer-based Training

Curriculum Development

Graphics, Animation, Audio

Video Production Services
Airport Workshops and Seminars
Airport Regulatory Consulting
Airport Manual Writing
ARFF Training and Consulting
OSHA Training
Airport System Integration Services
Airport Security Coordinator Training
DUNS Number 197172955
Email services@ssinstruction.com
NAICS codes 677420, 611430, 611520, 541611, 541612, 488999, 488910
Product Service Code (PSC) R,V

Our Project Leadership Team

Lorena de Rodriguez

Lorena de Rodriguez,


Lorena de Rodriguez began in aviation working in airline ramp and customer service. Her unique focus on safety and security procedures, convey the premise that compliance with rules.

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Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson,

Chief Operating Officer-COO

Mr. Simpson has been in the aviation industry for over 27 years and holds a Safety Management Certificate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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Dominick de la Garza

Ricardo Rodriguez,

Chief Financial Officer-CFO


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Dominick de la Garza

Dominick De La Garza,

Principal Technology Director

Dominick de la Garza, Principal Technology Director, is the textbook example of what is needed in the airport industry to connect technology-based safety and security training with simple delivery.

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Dominick de la Garza

Joseph Gaudio Jr., C.M., ACE,

Director Client Services

Joseph Gaudio Jr., C.M., ACE, brings over twenty years of experience in aviation management and security. His leadership roles have emphasized security operations and procedural development.

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Brandon Brooksby

Brandon Brooksby,

Projects Director

Brandon Brooksby graduated Arizona State University in 2018 with a B.S. in Aeronautical Management Technology with a focus in Air Transportation Management, earned airplane single engine land private pilot’s license.

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Our Production Team

Lorena de Rodriguez

Tai Du Tran,

Media Innovationist

Tai Du Tran is the embodiment of SSi’s mission to provide the most innovative and effective eLearning safety and security training.

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Scott Simpson

Martina Padron,

Quality Control Specialist

Martina Padron brings her entrepreneurial endeavors as a web designer and game developer, to SSi as a Quality Control Specialist.

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Brandon Brooksby

Robert Gladden,

Curriculum Writer / SME

Robert Gladden is an aviation subject matter expert with over 29 years’ experience and joins SSi as a Curriculum Writer/SME.

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Angel Munoz

Angel Munoz,

Curriculum Writer

Angel Munoz joins SSi as a Curriculum Writer, bringing valuable experience as a Lead Flight Instructor to course design and development…

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Nicholas Condon

Nicholas Condon,

Airport SME Consultant

Nicholas graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management…

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Chris Pheasant

Chris Pheasant,

Security Consultant

Mr. Chris Pheasant has expertise in a variety of, law enforcement, aviation security, and course curriculum development and presentations.

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Jesus Valdez

Andre Antawirya,

Multimedia Production Lead

Andre Antawirya has been tirelessly leading the Production team for over 18 years…

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Jesus Valdez

Jesus Valdez,

Media Graphics Specialist

Jesus Valdez has been a Media Graphics Specialist for SSi for the past 2 years…

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Leah Sackett

Leah Sackett,

eLearning Analyst / Compiler

Leah Sackett has been an eLearning Analyst / Compiler for SSi, for the past 6 years…

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David Portillo

David Portillo,

Media Production Lead

David Portillo may have a simple bio, but the complexities of what he does for SSi are anything but!

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Tai Tran

Stefan Rachev,

Curriculum Writer / SME Scriptwriter

I have accumulated over 30 years of experience in various managerial roles across different industries.

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Tai Tran

Veronika Prusakova,

Video Production Specialist

Veronika Prusakova has been a great addition to SSi production team as a Video Production Specialist.

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David Portillo

Carlos Barrera,

Media Graphic Artist

Carlos Barrera is a Motion Graphics Artist with a background in education, seamlessly blending creativity with expertise to deliver captivating visual experiences.

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David Portillo

Ashley Song,

Marketing Coordinator

Ashley Song is a dedicated graduate student specializing in Global Business, bringing a analytical perspective to SSi. Ashley aims to contribute to the company’s global initiatives.

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David Portillo

Christian Slater,

Curriculum Editor

Christian Slater is a newcomer to the aviation field as a whole. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and graduated from Grand Canyon University.

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David Portillo

Timothy J. Redhair,

LEO Management 

Timothy Redhair is a degreed professional with nearly 30 years of experience in building training, and coaching high-performance teams of various sizes.

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