ACI-NA WBP Board Campaign

In case you know an Associate Member Official Representative of ACI-NA who has not already placed their vote. I would appreciate their knowing of my interest to be a representative to the WBP board. Thank you.

de Rodriguez

Everyone wants to be heard
Only you understand what current circumstances impact you and your company the most
Through collaboration and multi-approach forums, I will ensure that your voice, your needs and valuable input will reach the best possible audience.
ACI-NA is your organization to help you further your business goals and objectives. As your representative I will promote your ideas, information and suggestions. I have always expressed free enterprise and all-sized business participation as key reasons for my membership with ACI and its worldwide airport reach.
During my over 25 years in aviation I have created various multi-directional information portals to maintain communication. I will represent you by advocating for a WPB Associates Forum, responding and requesting input on relevant issues. I would be honored to become your representative. Our AviaEd Blog and social networking media outlets ensure you have consistent access to me.
[Lorena de Rodriguez]
· Active participant in ACI-NA since 1997 – served on PS&S steering committee
· Worldwide provider of classroom instruction on behalf of ACI (United States, South Africa, Dubai, Korea, Panama)
· Consistent presence as exhibitor, sponsor and speaker in ACI Conferences
· President Safety and Security Instruction, provider of innovative computer-based instruction
· President AviaEd: Adaptive Training Services, provider of client-specific classroom training
· Valued networker uniting needs with resources
· Master of Aeronautical Science in Aviation Management (Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University)
· ACI’s Airport Executive Leadership Program
· Arizona Airports Association
· International Aviation Women Association
· National Safety Institute
· Transportation Research Board
· RTCA SC-207 (Airport Security Access Control Standards)
· SCORE Business Advisor and Workshop Facilitator

Be heard… Vote Lorena de Rodriguez

You have four options to cast your ballot; please chose the one method that is easiest for you. Please include your name, company name, and e-mail address on your ballot, no matter which option you use.

Please click on THIS LINK to vote online.
President, AviaEd/SSi (Tucson, AZ)
Silver level
Consulting and Management, Security, Training

Please reply directly to Amy Peters (apeters) with your selection of up to four individuals from the twenty-one on the ballot

Please call Amy Peters (202/293-8500 x 3019) to place your ballot selections over the phone

4. FAX
Please mark the list below and fax it back to Amy Peters (202/466-5555).

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