“Adapting New Maintenance Hires to the Airport Environment”

I appreciate Steve making this wide audience request. I am an ACRP panel member for this project. I am very interested in the results and findings he will be gathering.

Lorena de Rodriguez

Subject: CAA: Mutual Help List, "Adapting New Maintenance Hires to the Airport Environment"

I’m conducting an ACRP synthesis study on the training on new maintenance hires at airports and would like to reach out to both certificated and GA airports for assistance.

ACRP Synthesis 06-04 “Adapting New Maintenance Hires to the Airport Environment” seeks to collect and summarize information on the orientation and training practices and policies of airports for maintenance personnel having duties and responsibilities on the airfield and ramp areas of an airport. The basic question to be answered is, “how do airports prepare new maintenance hires or outside maintenance personnel not familiar with airport operations to operate safely on the airport?

Information and experience sharing is sought from those airports that provide either structured or unstructured training and orientation to maintenance new hires, OR to contract, FBO, or other employee maintenance personnel (public works, engineers, landscapers, mowers, farmers, contract snow removal, wildlife personnel, etc.) who have access to the aircraft operating area (inside the perimeter fence) for purposes of airport maintenance. The study is trying to capture best safety practices in preparing these individuals to understand airport operations and to operate safely on the airport.

Both certificated airports, and especially noncertificated GA airports, are encouraged to assist others and to be recognized for their safe practices. Airport organizations willing to share information related to the synthesis study are asked to contact through email or telephone Stephen M. Quilty, A.A.E. smqairportservices or 813-388-9132. Involvement in the study includes a response to a survey questionnaire and discussion of the airport’s practices, experiences, and lessons learned.

Thank you for helping other airports.

Steve Quilty

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