Airport Employee Emergency Response Training

Topics Covered

Introduction – Airport Emergency Awareness

This module is an introduction to Airport Emergency Awareness. Students learn about historical events that have shaped modern-day aviation safety and security regulations and responses. 

Est. Seat time 10 minutes

Active Threats

This module provides airport employees with general guidelines on how to respond during an Active Threat incident (i.e., active shooter, bombing, or terminal evacuation). 

Est. Seat time 35 minutes

Until Support Arrives

This module provides airport employees with essential skills to aid people with life-threatening injuries until professional help arrives. 

Est. Seat time 50 minutes

Airport Situational Awareness / Airport Emergency Plan

This module is an overview of Airport Emergency Response Procedures (ERP), General Airfield layout of the airport (terminals, and facilities), and the Airport’s Emergency Plan (AEP).

Est. Seat time 40 minutes

Communicating When Help Arrives

This module provides general guidance for contacting, communicating, and interacting with emergency responders during different types of airport emergencies. 

Est. Seat time 15 minutes

Airport Guest Experience

This module will familiarize students with ways to assist guests, customers, visitors, and travelers. The training will provide an overview of how airport customer service is vital for creating a positive guest experience. 

Est. Seat time 15 minutes

Course Details

This program provides employees lifesaving and practical knowledge on the various airport response capabilities and procedures which may be encountered in the event of an emergency while working at the airport. Emphasis is placed on what Badge-holders need to know and how they should act in a variety of potential emergency situations. While not all emergencies are covered the procedures referenced are in alignment with National Incident Management Systems (NIMS), Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), and established best practices to protect airport personnel and the traveling public.