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Airports and Ports are phenomenal places. They help move people and goods around the world. But unfortunately, bad things can happen at these facilities. Anyone at work may find themselves affected by an emergency event.

Are your employees and tenants prepared in the event of a medical emergency, or something even more serious like a bomb threat or active shooter?

Every employee and tenant must understand and know their role to protect themselves and serve the public during emergency situations. For this reason, all employee emergency training is critical to ensure that employees and tenants are educated on the facility policies and procedures should an emergency occur.

Facility emergency response plans generally define overall response, but generally do not go into detailed action and responsibilities of every employee and tenant that work.

The SSi All Employee Emergency Training program (AEET) is designed to assist employees and tenants in the event of a safety or security emergency while working at the airport. Courses are customized to your Emergency Plan and site-specific video is used to create courses. Training is approximately 4 hours in length and can be delivered in multiple languages.

Training is delivered to your employees via the Interactive Learning System (iLS™) and is accessible 24/7 from any location. A customized self-registration page enables immediate access to training for badge holders and non-badge holders. Real-time analytics provides reporting by the tenant and includes actual seat time.

At the completion of the AEET courses employees will be tested on their knowledge to confirm they know:

  • What to expect if an emergency happens at the airport
  • How to communicate with first responders, and
  • What to do when help arrives

The SSi All Employee Emergency Training (AEET) course curriculum includes:

  • Airport / Port Emergency Awareness
  • Situational Awareness and Facility Emergency Plan Training
  • Active Threats Training
  • Communicating with First Responders
  • What to do Until Help Arrives
  • Human Trafficking Awareness
  • Guest Experience Training

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