Regulatory Expertise

Airport Consulting

SSi has an extensive background in designing and developing programs to assist your airport ssi operation with its specific audit needs. We understand that different airports and aviation stakeholders need unique solutions. Let us be your compliance services support team.

49 CFR § 1542

  • Airport Security Programs
  • Security Operations Procedures
  • Security Audit Programs

49 CFR § 1544

  • Ground Security Coordinator
  • In-flight Security Coordinator Training

14 CFR Part 139

  • Emergency Management Programs
  • SMS Program Assistance
  • ARFF Consulting and Training


SSi will consult and identify potential security weaknesses and design programs to mitigate vulnerabilities. SSi has a history of working with clients on specific recommendations to improve long term airport security. Holistic quality review of airport security programs (ASP) and implementation policies creates a unified Security Management System (SeMS). SSi consulting staff advises on methods for creating security cultures that build into daily airport operations. Establishing or improving security culture means implementing training for awareness and communications measures. SSi staff have assisted many airport clients to meet regulatory requirements, establish security performance objectives, and implement SeMS management concepts.


Safety Management Systems (SMS) are a structure of policies, processes, and procedures used to manage safety at all levels of an organization. SSi staff have advised and trained on effective implementation methods for several clients around the world. We assess current safety programs, identify gaps, and outline the best practices to bridge those gaps. SMS is not currently required by US regulations for most operators however changes are in the works. We suggest a proactive approach by starting an SMS now so your department will be prepared for the future. During our classes with operators in ICAO signatory countries, we’ve assisted in planning, implementing, and training for SMS to the benefit of a variety of staff.

On-site Audits and Audit Program Development

Our SSi airport consulting staff has an extensive background in designing and developing programs to assist your operation with their specific audit needs. Safety and Security compliance audits can be performed by our staff, providing you with a completely unbiased account of the areas you want to be audited. Our programs and audits all include: Specific In-brief on the audit process, an understanding of the expectations, formal written audit findings, and a defined corrective action plan for audit responses by regulatory agencies. We can assist with a pre-audit to help you prepare, and we can provide help in writing your specific responses to a regulatory audit through our corrective action response process.

Airport Compliance Manual Writing and Consulting

We recommend outcome improvements, based on best practices that keep your programs in step with the changing environment and regulatory measures. Let us be your airport consulting compliance services support team. Contact an airport consultant today to learn how we can assist you.