Airport security changes to cut waiting times

Previously banned items such as small manicure scissors and eyeglass screwdrivers will be allowed on flights

By Carmen Chai, Postmedia News February 4, 2011

The federal government has made changes to airport security in an effort to speed up screening times and improve passenger safety. But critics say the easing of the rules could pose a security threat.

Canadians are now allowed to bring items such previously banned items as small manicure scissors and small eyeglass screwdrivers on their flights, Transport Minister Chuck Strahl said Thursday.
The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority also will take other steps, such as installing new equipment, Strahl said in Ottawa.
“We’re trying to strike that balance between security and safety and convenience for travellers,” Strahl said, noting officials were shifting the focus from small items to big threats, such as bombs.
The changes will cut waiting times for security screening by 30 per cent, said Rob Merrifield, Minister of State for Transport.
The decision to allow any small scissor or tool that is more than six centimetres long

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