Airport System Integration

airport system integration

Now you can create a seamless flow of data between your badging and FAA / TSA regulatory training systems using SSi’s airport system integration API. SSi Interactive Learning System can integrate with 3rd party credentialing or badging software to create a seamless flow of data between systems. Our open airport system integration API integrates with most common airport and badging systems. Badge applicants are automatically added to SSi’s Interactive Training System and student record data is passed back to your badging system for instant verification that training requirements are met prior to issuing badges.

Here’s how it works…The badging office enters the applicant’s information in to a badging / credentialing system and processes the credentials for the badge applicant. Once the applicant has cleared STA and CHRC badge holder data is pushed to the iLS™. The applicant then logs in to the iLS™ and takes the required training based on their badge type. Upon completion of a course the iLS™ sends the results to the badging / credentialing system. Badging office personnel verify the required training has been successfully completed and issue the badge.

  • Eliminate errors from duplicate data entry
  • Minimize bottlenecks in your credentialing process
  • Reduce labor cost – unlimited scalability

Approved Integration Partners

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