Airport to get security system

Airport to get security system

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
By Anna Mathews Carroll County News
BERRYVILLE — Members of the Carroll County Airport Commission voted to approve a contract with ADT for a security system that is scheduled for installation the first of the year.

The “Pulse” system calls for motion detector, siren, security panel, surveillance cameras in the terminal, at the fuel tank and along the runway — with the option to expand, plus 24/7 monitoring from multiple computers.

It will also give commissioners an accurate count of aircraft visiting the airport, especially those times when staff is not present.
The leased system will be owned, repaired and updated by ADT.
Commissioners approved the one-time installation fee of $3,242 plus the $57.99 monthly service charge for the security system.
The decision to seek a security system for the county-owned airport was in response to the commission’s ongoing effort to house a model airplane collection in the new terminal building.

Commissioners who have viewed the private collection that is being donated had described the collection as extraordinary. Custom cabinets to showcase the models will likely be built by prisoners at the Arkansas Department of Correction, although a bid for the work had not yet been submitted.
Also coming to the airport is art work created by Eureka Springs artists who will display their work in the conference room where picture molding was recently installed.
In other business, commissioners voted to pursue a $50,000 line of credit to have on hand, if needed, to finish out a lease purchase agreement that has been stalled for years.

The intent is to buy out the remainder of a 99-year lease on 2.5 acres of airport-owned land with hanger that is in Michael Coghlan’s possession. The lease buyout has been ongoing for years and a $164,000 FFA grant toward the $205,000 purchase is set to be retrieved if the deal isn’t done soon. In addition, the commission would be required to reimburse the FFA $23,000 that has already been spent on surveys and legal fees.
Commissioner Lonnie Clark said he contacted state Senator Randy Laverty, who in turn contacted U.S. Senator Mark Pryor to see if the FFA can increase their grant to the $205,000 mark so the commission can proceed.
He also suggested pursuing a line of credit for the difference between the $164,000 grant and the $205,000 purchase prices as alternate “Plan B.”
“We need to settle that issue,” Clark said. The others agreed.

Clark, who is the commission treasurer, presented the financial report which shows the airport received more than half a million dollars in FFA grants the past year, most of the $658,000 going to construction of the new terminal building and other related projects.
He noted that the budget, set by the county quorum court, did not include $30,000 for building and improvements as it had in the past. He suggested they lobby to get those funds back — noting that the airport does a good job of bringing money into the county, as evidenced by large amounts of grant funds that fed the local economy.

What to do with a mold-filled house sitting on airport property was discussed by the commissioners. It was initially built by Mickey Stowers who first held the 99-year Coghlan lease. Commission Chairman Dave Teigen said the house was condemned because of the mold and rotting floors and he’s been trying for more than a year to get answers. He didn’t know if they could give it to someone to dismantle and haul away or if they needed to seek bids. It can’t be burned, he was told, because of toxic building materials. Commissioner Ron Rupe said he would ask the attorney the commission has on retainer and report back.

An election of officers for the year ahead took place. Teigen will remain as chairman, Clark as treasurer and Lester Ward as secretary.
The next airport commission meeting is set for noon Thursday, Jan. 12, at the Carroll County Airport.

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