Amateur MacGyver makes weapons

out of things available behind airport security

Stan Diel | sdiel@al.comBy Stan Diel | 
on December 02, 2013 at 1:29 PM, updated December 02, 2013 at 1:30 PM
A computer programmer has MacGyvered weapons made exclusively from things you can buy after clearing airport security, including a shotgun made from Axe body spray, batteries and Red Bull cans.
Videos demonstrating the devices, which Evan Booth has built with the knowledge of federal security officials, have garnered hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, including FBI agents. According to a report on Wired magazine’s website Booth contacted the TSA and the FBI himself and then was paid an unannounced visit by FBI agents who wanted to know if he’d built any of the devices in airports. He has not, he said.
The TSA was briefed before the videos were posted, Booth said.
In addition to the shotgun, which he calls the “Blunderbusiness Class,” Booth has created a suitcase bomb using a remote control for a toy plane, nine-volt batteries, Scotch Tape and dental floss.
The Rube Goldberg-esque shotgun does fire, loudly. But anyone wielding it likely would be injured more severely than its target. The suitcase bomb produced enough smoke to set off smoke alarms before the suitcase burst into flames.
Booth told Fast Company that he hopes the FBI and TSA use the information he’s provided as the basis to change rules regarding what is available to travelers past security checkpoints. In particular, he said, he thinks lithium batteries should be given a second look.

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