Compile, Review, Recommend, Deliver

ARFF Consulting

Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting is a highly specialized area of the fire and emergency services.


Coordinate with Airport/ARFF group to obtain all available documents and information necessary. SSi reviews the current status of contracts, procedures, and any specific agreements.



The SSi ARFF consulting team will perform the airport site visit to evaluate the current efficacy of in-place operations. The analysis will include equipment, staffing, training and the overall organizational structure of the ARFF team. The evaluation will include mutual aid operations if applicable.


We will evaluate the gathered information and make recommendations to help ARFF/Airport personnel achieve their goals and objectives. Our recommendations will address city, state, and federal requirements to maximize efficiency and effectiveness with available resources and meet advisories to mitigate any deficiencies.



The SSi ARFF consulting team will plan on another onsite visit to present the findings of the evaluation and the recommendations for the ARFF program moving forward.

Why Get ARFF Consulting For Your Team


Maintaining your ARFF team’s readiness can potentially save lives. And staying compliant can avoid potential fines. The SSi ARFF Consulting Team will perform a full ARFF review at your airport. We will assist your airport by providing an in-depth review of your ARFF and emergency services department. During our ARFF consulting engagement with your airport SSi will make organizational, operational and equipment recommendations utilizing our 4 Phase process approach; compile, review, recommend, and deliver.

Evaluate equipment, facilities, staffing, and training

Review your Airport Emergency Plan and FAA reviews

Evaluate your existing ARFF training program

Interview pertinent ARFF personnel including mutual aid

Tour all airport facilities and ARFF station

Post Recommendations Follow-up

Scott Simpson

Consulting Team

Scott Simpson, Chief Operating Officer-COO

Mr. Simpson has been in the aviation industry for over 27 years and holds a Safety Management Certificate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

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