Body Scanners at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Body Scanners at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

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Five new x-ray body scan machines will be in place at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport by the end of the month.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – It’s the dawn of a new security era at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The first of five advanced imaging or backscatter technology machines has been installed at the airport.
At first glance it looks like any other screening booth, but the difference is what is being seen behind a closed door.
While the passenger is going through the screener, a T.S.A. worker in another room is viewing the x-ray images. The details are blurred, but it is very noticeable if someone is hiding something.
While the travelers 2 On Your Side spoke with don’t seem to mind, the process has drawn quite a bit of controversy. In fact lawsuits have been filed over health and privacy concerns as well as whether the images would be stored. That is something that Rick DePietro of the T.S.A. says can’t happen.
DePietro says, “The manufacturer made it so that in testing mode they can have that to evaluate the machine to meet the standards, when it’s shipped to the TSA, and airports, that ability is turned off, and in no way can that airport turn that on.”
And to ease further concern, he says you can opt for a metal detector and physical pat-down instead.
Two units will be up and running by week’s end, five by the end of the month, making buffalo the 29th airport in the nation to take this “inside” approach to airport security.

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