Boise Airport looking to add service

Attract more business


by Jacqueline Quynh
Posted on May 15, 2012 at 5:41 PM

BOISE — Three times in the past year airlines that once offered service from Boise decided to cut routes.
Losing airlines means limiting the options for people flying into and out of the capital city, and that’s not good for business.
In 2007, the Boise Airport had eight carriers serving 21 destinations. Today, it has five carriers and 15 destinations, which means there are far few flights.

The Airport Summit was held at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise today. City leaders and people in the travel industry met to discuss how to attract more airlines, and how to bring new businesses and jobs to Boise.
“Our company is a software company and there are not enough software programmers in the Boise Valley” said Tom Lajoie.
Tom Lajoie is President of eTripTrader, a computer-based company in Boise. He says more flights could help him recruit new employees and impact other companies in the local technology industry.

“The more air service that we have in Boise, improves the local business community, and allows more economic growth,” says Lajoie.
Bill Connors with the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce says offering air service that connects with the rest of the world is a vital ingredient in our economic development.
“If you look at us, Boise, being a technology player, one of our key routes is between Boise and the Bay Area, having service to Oakland, to San Francisco, to San Jose, that’s very important to the technology community, and if we’re gonna be a tech player we gotta have that service,” said Connors.

Boise Airport Director Rebecca Hupp says they plan to focus on adding services to hubs in Dallas, Houston, and destinations that connect to the East Coast. She says this summer Delta will add a non-stop flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Alaska Airlines plans to add 100 employees to their ground crew in Boise.
“So, as air service improves other companies will be more attracted to come here and it’ll improve the environment for software programmers as well,” said Lajoie.
The Boise Airport also plans to promote the message that the airport offers good air service and encourages people in Boise to fly more.


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