It’s the journey, not the destination, that matters most. ~unknown wise person

Brandon Brooksby graduated Arizona State University in December 2018 with a B.S. in Aeronautical Management Technology with a focus in Air Transportation Management. While at the university, he earned his airplane single engine land private pilot’s license and instrument certificate. Brandon also completed a summer internship as an Associate Aviation Safety Officer at a Part 135 operator, and worked at a Part 139 airport in airport operations.

As a project manager, he has managed over a hundred projects from small, medium, and large airports with an average of 80 training courses a year; been involved in aviation subject matter research, review, editing, and writing for filming and final training courses; leading and incorporating new instructional design techniques such as gamification, interactive training, and scenario-based training; and client training and consulting. Brandon enjoys working with airports to provide quality training, learning how each airport is different, and working with the SSi team to meet airport needs.

Brandon started 2019 off with continuing his education and career goals by completing a self-enrolled, aviation Safety Leadership Training course and joining SSi as a Projects Director. He is excited to combine his knowledge and experience in both media production and aviation, and looks forward to growing and interfacing with SSi’s team as well as the people they do business with.


  • 10 years of creating training focused on target audience and clear communication.
  • 9 years of aviation experience with specific skills in airfield operations and airport security.
  • 7 years of media production experience with specific skills in editing and organization.
  • 5 years project management experience with focus on time and team leadership.