Complaints Resolution Official Refresh Training

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Course Details

Estimated Time: 90 minutes

Newly recorded each year, the ODO Complaints Resolution Official Refresh Training is an informative, convenient, and affordable way to maintain your CRO certification. The latest webinar includes a review of Part 382, discusses trends and issues in stowage and handling of assistive devices, and addresses common issues and complaints among travelers with disabilities. The course also includes an interview with Linda Ristagno, the Assistant Director of External Affairs with IATA, who shares IATA’s initiatives focused on accessibility in air travel.

*Part 382.143 requires all employees performing the CRO function to receive annual refresh training.

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The Complaints Resolution Official Refresh Training Covers:

CRO Role Review

Disability Complaints

Service Animals

Mobility Devices

Disability Awareness Refresh

Guest Speaker – Brendan Gramer, traveler who is deaf

Learning Format

This is a self-paced, eLearning course that will take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. Trainees will complete Knowledge Checks throughout the course along with a Final Assessment prior to receiving a Certificate of Completion.

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Who Will Benefit?

Current Complaints Resolution Officials

Anyone with interest in trends and issues related to accessibility in air travel

Anyone with interest in recent and upcoming regulatory changes impacting travelers with disabilities