Consultants who know Security Still Have Time to Register

Consultants who know Security Still Have Time to Register

Do you know your ASC’s?

PHOENIX – Monday, October 25, 2010 – There is still time for consultants proposing new technology and processes for airport security enhancements to benefit by knowing the duties of Airport Security Coordinators. Consultants can still register to join the 3-hour onsite classroom seminar to be held in next month in Florida. The joint classroom and webinar online training will be simulcast from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on November 8 as a prelude to the ACC 32nd Annual Conference and Exhibition. AviaEd and Airports Consultants Council will join forces to provide a unique training opportunity for both consultants who know security and airport designated security coordinators.

ASCs are the users and promoters of many business enhancements for their airports. ASC’s know the processes that need improvement and how technology should work for them. Security consultants should know their ASC’s.Simultaneously, airport security coordinators will be participating in a 3-hour webinar session with the consultants. During the afternoon portion of the course, the designated airport ASC personnel will continue for a 3-hour webinar session to complete the requirements of 49CFR §1542.3.

Having consultants and airports participate jointly discussing security technologies and processes allows each group to reach a mutual understanding and exchange best practices. Having consultants and airports participate jointly discussing the topics allow each group to reach mutual understanding and exchange best practice. “We are seeing ever tightening budgets, especially of training and travel, so the upcoming Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) being offered by AviaEd next month is seen as an economic way to accomplish our staff training needs,” stated Brian Rumble, Tampa International Airport Deputy Director of Operations.
AviaEd has conducted more ASC classes for the nation’s airports than any other training company.

About AviaEd: Adaptive Training Services LLC: AviaEd, a women-owned small business based in Tucson, provides consulting and training services that focus on areas of regulatory compliance issues of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Training programs meet the recurring training needs of employees at commercial, corporate and charter airlines, cargo handlers, aviation equipment support operators, and airport operators.
For more information on programs, contact the offices located at 7320 N La Cholla Blvd #154-192 Tucson AZ 85741, phone (480) 706-3707, on the web Info.



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