Continental Airlines Debuts Self Boarding Options in Houston Airport

Continental Airlines Debuts Self Boarding Options in Houston Airport

July 28, 10:46 AM · Charu Suri – Vegan Travel Examiner

We’ve seen a lot of ruckus in the airline industry post 9/11, and by no means are travelers’ woes confined to more stringent TSA inspections and increased security. Traveling by commercial airlines has become nothing short of a private nightmare, Inception -style. Part of my pet peeves with traveling include the allowance of time you need to give yourself before you even board the plane, and ensuring that your cosmetics and technological gear are properly packed yet clearly visible.
And let’s not forget the baggage check-in fees! I’m not even going to go there.

Now, Continental Airlines has announced a very controversial “self-boarding” process that has been typically practiced outside the United States. It debuts in Houston at the George Bush Intercontinenal Airport. Essentially, the passenger swipes his boarding pass at the kiosk and that process opens the turnstile or door which gives the passenger access to the jet bridge. Essentially, it’s boarding without the need for human contact (in these days of recession and cutbacks, who can blame them for coming up with an automated system)?
The question is: is it safe? We are far from the era where airline accidents don’t happen. Even though the TSA assures us that regular screenings will continue to happen (and thank goodness), I’m not entirely sure that this automated, quasi-futuristic procedure will results in safer skies

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