Aircraft Fuelers Training
Seat Time: 35 Minutes
Regulation: 14 CFR Part 139 / NFPA 407 Chapter 5
Course Description: This course provides in-depth knowledge on proper aircraft fueling procedures and fueling safety needed for safe fueling operations. The course is intended for all employees who perform fueling operations at the airport and includes a post exam on material. Special attention is also given to fire safety and fire extinguisher use.
Course Objectives: After Completing this course you will know and understand:
  • 1. Common Fueling Terminology
  • 2. Aviation Fuel Hazards
  • 3. Understanding Fire & Fire Safety
  • 4. Aviation Fuel Quality Control
  • 5. Equipment Requirements and Inspections
  • 6. Proper Aircraft Fueling Procedures
  • 7. Fuel Spill Prevention and Cleanup
  • 8. Fueling Safety Enforcement