Coyotes, groundhogs chewing lights at Iowa airport

Coyotes, groundhogs chewing lights at Iowa airport

Associated Press
9:15 AM CDT, July 8, 2010

Airport workers in Muscatine say they’re looking to stop groundhogs and coyotes from burrowing and gnawing into the underground lighting system.

Steve Boka is Muscatine’s director of planning, zoning and building safety. He says the lights are necessary to keep the airport runway visible and safe and the animal mischief has to end. Officials say they can fix the problem by removing the animals. They also can install an encased lighting system that the animals wouldn’t be able to penetrate.

Boka hopes the airport could start work on a new lighting system by next spring. The project would cost about $350,000.

He says repairs on the current lighting system will continue to keep the airport safe for planes.

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