Customs plan to up airport security with new hi-tech vans

today at 1:19 pm

Smugglers better watch their backs, because Ireland is set to get a little more hi-tech when it comes to monitoring luggage at airports.
The Irish Sun reports that the Revenue Commissioner has confirmed plans to buy the latest contraband detection devices. Picture Dublin airport. Now picture that customs programme on television Nothing to Declare. Yep. That’s possibly what we’re heading towards.
Revenue controls the State’s customs services, and as part of a revamp of the current system, it began looking for some tricked out mobile scan vans last week.

These mobile scan vans are considered to be on the cutting edge when it comes to detecting contraband and other illegal things that people may be trying to hide in their luggage. Each vehicle is specially adapted and comes fitted with vital X-ray and radiation scanning equipment.
The vans, which are similar in size to a Toyota Hiace, are “highly mobile” according to sources. Although these vans haven’t been available to Customs officials to date. It is hoped that by introducing the vans to Dublin airport, that they will help to beef up the security and also help with a vital crackdown on illegal importers.

Revenue released a tender which says that it wants to buy one of the vehicles initially, but has plans to purchase more. The price of the vehicles is unknown, although a source has said that the cost of buying one is “substantial.”
Well maybe it’s about time that Revenue invested in one of these pimped-out vans. Apparently the Exchequer lost up to €250million due to the sales of counterfeit cigarettes in 2010 alone. That’s either a lot of full on illegal-smuggling going on, or a lot of people bringing back a few extra sneaky boxes of smokes for family and friends.

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