Dominick de la Garza

Dominick de la Garza, Principal Technology Director, is the textbook example of what is needed in the airport industry to connect technology-based safety and security training with simple delivery. For over 10 years, Dominick has worked for SSi, managing our hosted and onsite iLS Systems for nearly 50 airports. What does that entail? In a nutshell, Dominick installs and manages multiple on-premise and cloud database systems and coordinates with internal teams and external clients. He is a quiet leader and ensures the assembly and maintenance for all eLearning course interactions. He is a key developer for the customized course navigation shells used by SSi clients. Cyber security is not just a topic, he has the highest confidentiality and oversight for all resource domain server systems used by SSi and its clients.

Staying in the background is what Dominick likes best. He is most comfortable supporting the IT, creative development and client support staff which he does with professionalism and kindness. Over the course of his tenure, Dominick has helped deploy over 1,000,000 course training events and delivered 77 airport uploads in 2017 with another 31 so far in 2018. His efforts are key to ensuring SSi delivers 100% uptime! He consistently shows inventive approaches to problem-solving and is dedicated to his work.

When Dominick is not behind the scenes at SSi, you can find him spending time with his two young kids. His time and devotion to their enrichment and interests in karate and swimming is teaching them to enjoy active and healthy living. He graduated from Collins College with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design which he practices when playing video games and live poker!