Embassy car bomb spotted near Beirut airport:

Embassy car bomb spotted near Beirut airport: 
BEIRUT: The car bomb that exploded outside the Iranian embassy in Beirut last week was spotted near Rafik Hariri International airport, according to a report published Wednesday.
The local newspaper As-Safir quoted a security official saying that the bomb-laden Chevrolet Trailblazer was spotted in the vicinity of Beirut airport before it headed toward the Iranian embassy in Bir Hasan.
The official said security cameras showed that the car drove past Fantasy World amusement park, located on the road that runs parallel to Beirut airport, at 9:33 a.m. on Nov. 19, about 10 minutes before the suicide bomber attacked the embassy.
He said analysis of surveillance cameras is now focused on determining how the car arrived to the airport vicinity as well as the identity of the taxi driver who picked up the two suicide bombers from the Sheraton hotel in the UNESCO area.
Investigators are also trying to find out the location where the Trailblazer was handed over to the suicide bombers, As-Safir said.
The security official said the bombers were “just tools, “adding that “the group behind the embassy attack that killed 29 people had carefully planned its plot so that [the identity of the perpetrators] would stay anonymous.”
“This raises the possibility that [the group] took into account that the delivery of the car to the suicide bombers must take place in a surveillance- free area,” the official said.

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