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In the call to the public portion of the meeting, one area resident rose to speak about her concerns about the airport and how it would impact her property value. Sue Goodman, of rural Mahaska County, said, “I only have 1 acre out there, but you’re destroying my property value and I want to know what you’re going to do about.”Oskaloosa, Iowa – What’s next for the proposed regional airport? The South Central Regional Airport Agency board held their quarterly meeting Thursday night at the Oskaloosa City Hall to help answer that question.
Chairman Jim Hansen said that the question was being taken down and will be answered in writing. Goodman asked if the city representatives could answer the question then, but Hansen said he believed it best to be in writing so there would be a record.
Jerry Searle, of Snyder and Associates, then updated the board as to the current progress of the proposed airport. A technical memorandum was provided to the SCRAA staff and FAA to review. Searle stated that comment has been received from staff and the FAA and then updated. The updated technical memorandum was then provided to the FAA for approval.
With that, Searle said that it appears that the FAA has accepted site A as the preferred site for the airport.
The next scheduled quarterly meeting will take place in February of 2014.
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