Give TSA Your Input on Aviation Channeling Service Providers

Give TSA Your Input on Aviation Channeling Service Provider System Requirements and Open Markets
Check with your FSD and Airport for specific ways to make your comments known to TSA. Your comments are needed quickly on the recent TSA notice to airports and airlines on system requirements for Aviation Channeling Service Providers. The notice was posted just last week to the commercial airport secure web board (ACO 200) and commercial airline secure web board (AC0 500) seeking input from airport and airline operators.

Aviation Channeling Service Providers facilitate the collection, combination, and submission of aviation worker information to the TSA for the purpose of conducting personnel security threat assessments and criminal history record checks. TSA contracted for aviation channeling services unopposed in the wake of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. Today the benefit of open market entry by qualified providers seems necessary.

Qualified vendors seeking to provide this service for airports and airline operators should meet a standard of service, reliability and security. Comments were due to TSA on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 however comments may still yet be considered valuable for customer service, responsiveness, system training, communications, system availability, data quality, system outages, etc..

Areas where your comments can be beneficial.

· Ensure that potential channeling providers can enhance the overall knowledge and expertise brought from other industries to the airport and airline operational environment and security requirements in the following manner.

· Improved system functionality also creates an excellent customer service opportunity for your operation.

· Updated bulletins and news alerts of important regulatory changes with attention to regulatory needs

· 24/7 availability for quality assurance processes coupled with on-line service tools

· Proven multimodal quality assurance processes for rating fingerprint error rates

· Secured and redundant systems to meet or exceed the FIPS 401 data encryption for the biometric data

Perhaps, most fundamentally ensure TSA understands the need to expedite efficiency and create appropriate steps for transitioning to alternative channeling service providers.

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