Glenpool Businessmen Killed In Airplane Crash

Glenpool Businessmen Killed In Airplane Crash

Posted: Jul 11, 2010 2:42 PM MST

Three leaders of a new, local company are dead after their airplane crashes in Tulsa’s Mohawk park.

Pilot Chase Bales, 51, Damian Riddoch, 37, and 41-year-old Mats Malmberg were in the twin-engine Cessna went down in a swampy, wooded area between the park’s main road and the Oxley Nature Center just after 10:00 p.m Saturday.

Authorities said Malmberg survived the crash and was rushed to a Tulsa hospital, but died shortly after.

According to the company Web site, Bales, Malmberg and Riddoch lead US Highland, Inc of Glenpool. The company makes high-end off road motorcycles at a new facility recently opened there. Bales is chief operating officer and malmberg, a Swedish national, is President.

An article on the newly-formed company’s blog shows Riddoch is the chief financial officer.

Tulsa police say the men were headed for Jones Riverside Airport, but asked for clearance to divert to Tulsa International. Just before radio contact was lost, officers say, the crew mentioned fuel to air traffic control.

The wreckage is located less than a mile north of the main TIA runway.

Police tell that the aircraft was en route from an airport in Michigan. Flight plans show that the plane took off almost four hours prior to the crash.

FAA records indicate that plane is registered to Bales, a resident of Glenpool.

Representatives from the National Transportation Safety Board will be in Tulsa soon to investigate the incident.

NewsChannel 8

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