New to the aviation industry, Hallie Faust joins SSi as the lead Instructional Designer / Editor. Hallie develops scripts with an instructional eye, ensuring that quizzes are tailored for each section of content and that the flow of topics makes sense. Hallie continues to learn and research on gamification among other topics in adult learning development, to sharpen her skills. Hallie’s main responsibilities include:

• Compiling and updating content and media into courses for production
• Course translations
• Demonstrating eLearning methodologies
• Incorporating knowledge of aviation and airport terminology
• Storyline variables, slide masters, and interactives

Hallie obtained her B.S. in Human Resources Development at the University of Houston in 2020, mid-pandemic, with a desire in helping people learn. Which is also what Hallie enjoys best – helping the learner know the why/(why do I care?)!

Hallie’s leisure time is spent exploring nature and foraging mushrooms!