Infrastructure Daily News 03.22.12

Transportation Sector

. March 21, Associated Press – (South Carolina) Train derailment victims get compensation. CSX is offering to pay the expenses of those who were displaced by a train derailment in Abbeville, South Carolina, March 8, according to an Associated Press report March 21. Twenty-eight cars of a freight train hauling hazardous chemicals derailed, and as many as 1,000 people were evacuated at one time. About 50 residents were kept away from their homes for 2 days while the wreck was cleared. Officials said a tipped-over tanker carrying methanol was stable, but officials wanted residents near the tracks to stay away because the flammable liquid could have caught fire. The cause of the wreck is still under investigation. Source:

. March 21, MSNBC;; Reuters; Associated Press – (National) Tornado alerts follow flooding in southern states. A storm system that dumped up to a foot of rain in parts of Louisiana, causing isolated flash flooding, was threatening to spawn tornadoes there and in Mississippi, the National Weather Service warned. Large hail and wind gusts up to 70 mph were also possible in parts of both states through March 21. Flash floods were reported in Louisiana, Arkansas, and eastern Texas in the wake of “widespread heavy rain” March 20 and overnight. “Some roads are already flooded and closed … and additional heavy rainfall will continue to produce more flash flooding” in northwest Louisiana, the National Weather Service stated. “This is an extremely dangerous situation.” In Natchitoches, Louisiana, several homes were flooded and roads closed after rain overnight ranged from 5 to 10 inches, depending on the area, the service stated. Source: flash-floods-reported-in-louisiana-texas

. March 21, Associated Press – (Alaska) United Airlines passengers stranded for 2 days in Alaska. Two-hundred and sixty-two passengers on a United Airlines flight were stranded in Anchorage, Alaska, for 2 days after a flight from San Francisco to Shanghai, China, was diverted. Flight 857 diverted to the nearest airport in Anchorage when several lavatories were found to be inoperable about 3 hours after the flight’s March 18 departure from San Francisco, a United Airlines spokesman said. Passengers said they waited in their seats for about 6 hours before they were allowed to deplane. United brought in another plane March 19, and passengers boarded, but that plane also had problems. Passengers finally took off March 20 in a third Boeing 777. Source: 2-days-in-alaska/

. March 20, Charleston Daily Mail – (West Virginia) Roads closed because of rock slides; vehicle reportedly struck. U.S. 60 near Cedar Grove, West Virginia, was closed because of a rockslide, the Charleston Daily Mail reported March 20. The slide occurred east of the Go Mart convenience store in Cedar Grove where one vehicle was hit by the rocks, a Kahawha County dispatcher said. A spokesman for the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department said one person was transported to a hospital. The division of highways was called to the scene of the slide where the road was expected to reopen about 4 hours later. Source: For more stories, see items 2, 7, 8, and 46

Postal and Shipping Sector

. March 20, KENS 5 San Antonio – (Texas) Storm pounds S.A. post office: Truck toppled, glass shattered. A wind event battered the U.S. Post Office in San Antonio March 20, leaving behind shattered glass, a toppled delivery truck, and damage near the rear of the facility. A mail carrier’s truck was tossed more than 50 feet. Portions of the front windows of the post office were blasted out. The building’s rear parking lot was littered with debris from postal storage trailers. A file cabinet was blown into the lower side of a 18-wheeler that transports mail. Employees said the glass of the cab also shattered, sending glass into the eye of an employee. He was reportedly taken to a local hospital for treatment. Source: shatters-glass-143454876.html?hpt=us_bn5
Emergency Services Sector

. March 21, Associated Press – (Tennessee) Former prison guard arrested in foiled death row inmate escape plot. Authorities in Tennessee said two men, including a former prison guard, have been arrested for a plot to break out Tennessee’s lone female death row inmate. New Jersey State Police March 19 arrested one of the suspects who had frequently visited the inmate in prison, on a charge of bribery and conspiracy to commit escape. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said a former correctional officer at the Tennessee Prison for women was also receiving money and gifts for his help in the planned escape. He was indicted on charges of bribery, conspiracy to commit escape, and facilitation to commit escape. Source: death-row-inmate-escape-plot/

. March 20, Arkadelphia Siftings Herald – (Arkansas) Terrorism training exercise planned. A full-scale, counter-terrorism emergency response exercise will take place March 29 to test emergency plans and agency response for some 20 local, county, state, and federal agencies in Arkansas. Plans are to present responders with simulated emergency situations at strategic sites on or near lakes Ouachita, Hamilton, and Catherine, as well as the Ouachita River. Carpenter Dam will serve as the primary exercise site, as well as the primary point of control for the entire series of events. Most exercise details are not being revealed so that they actually test participating agencies and existing emergency response plans. Source: planned For another story, see item 9

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