Infrastructure Daily News 04.18.12

Transportation Sector

15. April 17, Associated Press – (New York) Would-be bomber recounts evolution of NYC plot. Two men pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against a third men in a bid for leniency for a conspiracy to conduct what authorities have called one of the most frightening near-miss terror plots since the September 11th attacks — a 2009 scheme to strap on suicide-bomb vests and detonate them inside subways in the Manhattan borough of New York City. The men “were prepared to kill themselves and everyone else around them — men, women and children,” an assistant U.S. attorney said in opening statements, the Associated Press reported April 17. “These men came so close — within days of carrying out this attack.” A witness took the stand April 17 to testify about how, after relocating to the Denver area, he cooked up explosives and set out by car for New York City in September 2009 to carry out the attack. One of the accused recalled returning to New York City and using his cab to drive around the city in early 2009 and casing potential targets for a terrorist attack, including Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, and the New York Stock Exchange. The conspirators also considered striking Penn Station or city movie theaters before settling on attacking the subways during Ramadan, he said. Source: NYC-plot-3486969.php

16. April 17, WRC 4 Washington D.C. – (Maryland; Virginia; Washington, D.C.) Metro takes 94 buses out of service after fire. A Metrobus fire April 17 forced the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, or Metro, to remove 94 buses from service while investigators determined the cause of the blaze. An Orion VI bus caught fire on Route 50 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. No passengers were on the bus at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported. A mechanic was driving the bus at the time. April 12, an Orion VI bus also caught fire on I-66 in Fairfax, Virginia. There were no passengers aboard and no injuries. The 94 Orion VI buses operate using diesel fuel and were delivered to Metro in 2000. Metro said it reduced the usage of Orion VI buses following the April 12 incident, and Metro asked an outside fire protection engineer to take part in the investigation and identify a cause. Source: Service-After-Fire-147771635.html For more stories, see items 5, 6, and 50

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