Infrastructure Daily News 06.04.12

Transportation Sector

. June 1, Oklahoma City Oklahoman – (Illinois) Tulsa-bound airplane has landinggear issue. A day after American Eagle mechanics gave a clean bill of health to a plane that had made an emergency return to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport because of a landing gear problem, the same aircraft was forced to turn around in flight and land at O’Hare again May 31 because of a similar issue. This time it veered off the runway, airline and federal aviation officials said. Nose-wheel problems are the primary focus of the Federal Aviation Administration’s investigation, officials said, adding the pilots involved in the incidents May 30 and 31 reported that the Embraer ERJ-145 regional jet pulled hard to the right after the plane landed and was braking on the runway. Both pilots also reported to air traffic controllers an "unsafe gear indication" warning light on the cockpit display, according to sources at O’Hare. The emergency landings marked the third incident involving an American Eagle commuter plane at O’Hare in 2 days. May 30, another Eagle plane was clipped by a 747 cargo plane on a taxiway. Source: article/3680300

. June 1, – (New Jersey) N.J. firefighter critical following tractortrailer fire. Seven firefighters were injured, one critically, after a tractor-trailer caught fire and exploded on a highway in Mansfield, New Jersey, May 31. The incident occurred in the southbound lanes of I-295 in Burlington County when the tractortrailer’s driver noticed smoke coming from the truck. A Florence Township firefighter was flown to a medical center with a head injury and was listed in critical condition. Six other firefighters were transported to another hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Source: trailer-fire For more stories, see items 1, 4, 8, 10, 22, 24, and 26

Postal and Shipping Sector Nothing to report

Emergency Services Sector

. May 31, Associated Press – (Oregon) Thousands expected for tsunami drill in Ore. town. Thousands of people in the Oregon coastal communities of Coos Bay, North Bend, and Charleston held their first tsunami evacuation drill May 31. The Coos Bay fire chief said vivid television images of the 2011 tsunami in Japan have made people on the Oregon Coast take the possibility much more seriously than about 10 years ago. The threat facing the Oregon Coast is a megaquake from the Cascadia Subduction Zone, where two plates of the Earth’s crust butt together off the coast. When they slip, they could send a 40-foot surge of water moving at the speed of a jetliner into the Oregon coast, northern California, and Washington. Geologic evidence shows the zone jolts on average every 300 to 600 years, and the last one was 312 years ago. At Coast Guard Air Station North Bend, just 17 feet above sea level, one of the five helicopters was slated to fly to higher ground at Southwest Oregon Community College, where students and staff were to gather at assembly points during the drill. Coast Guard staff were scheduled to stay at their posts in case of a real emergency, but some planned to hike uphill to an assembly point, said a lieutenant. Source: 16464273#.T8eFqFK1VvB

. May 31, Camp Verde Bugle – (Arizona) Police say motive unclear on fire-bombing of hospital helicopter. An alleged helicopter fire bomber was arrested for seriously damaging a medical aircraft at Verde Valley Medical Center the week of May 21 in Cottonwood, Arizona, the Camp Verde Bugle reported May 31. A broken beer bottle was found shattered around the front of the helicopter. The front fuselage and windshield were charred. An 8-10-inch hole had been broken on the windshield and the flames from the resulting fire burned the cockpit and control panel, according to a police report. Police reports stated the man arrested was held at the site after an arriving hospital employee spotted him walking away from the helicopter landing pad as flames were exploding on the chopper. He told police investigators he lives in a wash and was on his way there after drinking. Police said that after he left the bar, he went to a nearby convenience store and purchased a bottle of beer, drank the beer, and then filled the bottle with gasoline. A hospital spokeswoman said there had not yet been a final determination if the helicopter could be repaired. A pilot said the helicopter costs about $3.7 million fully outfitted as a medical helicopter. Source: For more stories, see items 17, 39, and 40

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