Infrastructure Daily News 07.06.12

Transportation Sector

. July 5, Buffalo News – (New York) Fire destroys CSX train warehouse in Lovejoy. Officials did not determined the cause of the July 3 fire at a train warehouse in the Lovejoy neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, though neighbors believe suspicious activity, and not holiday fireworks, could be to blame. A witness told Buffalo News July 4 that he saw black smoke near his Schiller Street garage and ran to the CSX Railroad building at Reiman and North Ogden streets, where he spotted a black pickup speeding from the parking lot. The estimated loss was $100,000. CSX officials said they would work with fire officials to ensure the building is demolished promptly. Source:
. July 5, KNVX 15 Phoenix – (Arizona) Rain, floods damage cars and homes in Casa Grande. Rains and floods affected many neighborhoods in southern Arizona, KNVX 15 Phoenix reported July 5. Wet weather filled dozens of homes with flood waters in and around Casa Grande. Residents of Arizona City said this is the third time in the past several years the area was flooded by monsoon rains. In other parts of Pinal County, several cars became stuck in washed out sections of road and had to be pulled out. Fast moving water ran across many streets. Dozens of roads were closed for safety precautions. Source:
. July 5, San Francisco Chronicle – (California) Lanes open after Bay Bridge shooting snarls traffic. All eastbound lanes were reopened on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, after police shut them down for about 10 hours while investigating a shooting on the middle of the span July 5. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers pursued a car across the bridge when the car stopped just past Yerba Buena Island and shots were fired, authorities said. A CHP spokesman said he did not know whether the gunfire came from police or the driver. He said the driver was treated for injuries related to the crash. The driver was arrested on suspicion of felony drunken driving and weapons charges, the CHP said. Source:
. July 4, Chicago Tribune – (Illinois) Train derails, bridge collapses near Northbrook-Glenview border. A freight train hauling coal derailed on Union Pacific tracks near Willow Road and Shermer Avenue July 4 by the Northbrook-Glenview, Illinois border. Witnesses said the bridge overpass over Shermer Avenue collapsed in the accident. A Union Pacific spokesman said the derailment occurred as the train headed to a utility plant in Wisconsin from a coal mine in Wyoming. The train had three locomotive engines and 31 of its 138 train cars derailed, the spokesman said. About a third of the train had passed the 86-foot-long bridge before the derailment and the locomotives did not derail. A small fire that involved vegetation occurred. The spokesman said the tracks are only used by its freight lines. For about the next 24 hours crews cleaned up the spilled coal and removed the train cars. The workers will use stone fill to close up the gap where the bridge was, and install temporary tracks to get the trains moving again through the area. The railroad will have to design and build a new bridge. Source:
. July 3, U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Massachusetts – (New York; Massachusetts) Revere woman charged with making false bomb threat to Jet Blue. A Revere, Massachusetts woman was arrested July 3 after being charged in federal court for falsely reporting explosives were on board a JetBlue flight. The woman was charged July 2 in a criminal complaint with providing false information and threats relating information that a passenger on board a flight from Logan International Airport in Boston, to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, was carrying explosives. As a result, the flight was diverted and forced to land in Buffalo, New York. It was later determined she and a passenger were involved in a personal dispute. If convicted, the woman faces up to 5 years in prison to be followed by 3 years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine. Source:
. July 3, Associated Press – (Washington) Cleaning up derailed coal in Franklin County town. A coal train that derailed and spilled 31 cars of fuel caused a day’s delay in rail traffic in Mesa, Washington, July 2. About 50 workers using heavy equipment worked to clear the Burlington Northern Santa Fe main line track, said a spokesman. They were able to put 1 car back on the track, but 30 were too badly damaged. About 30 trains a day move through the area, about 20 miles north of the Tri-Cities. About four a day are coal trains, the State said. The route is also used by the Portland-Chicago Amtrak. Priority trains were able to roll through the area on a siding by July 3, and the main line was to re-open later that day, the spokesman said. The 125-car train with 4 locomotives was carrying coal from the Powder Basin in Wyoming to an export terminal at Delta, British Columbia. Canada. Source:

Postal and Shipping Sector
. July 5, New Bedford Standard-Times – (Massachusetts) 3 in Fall River charged with damaging mailboxes with explosives. Three men were arrested July 3 on charges of using explosives to damage numerous mailboxes in Fall River, Massachusetts, after an investigation that included the police use of YouTube videos. The three men were charged with numerous counts of throwing/placing/exploding explosives, and malicious destruction of property over $250, police said in a press statement released July 4. Two of the men were arrested without incident at their workplace and a third surrendered later that day to police. A combination of chemicals was used and when mixed together they become volatile and exploded. Source:

Emergency Services Sector

. July 5, WNBC 4 New York – (New York) Police, FBI investigate hoax 911 calls in Westchester. Police in Westchester, New York and the FBI were investigating a series of hoax calls that drew heavy police response to nonexistent emergencies over the week of July 2, authorities said. A Rye boy was charged with making a false report, but police believe more people were involved in the hoax calls and may potentially involve a hacking group. The boy was accused only in a June 27 incident, when police received a 9-1-1 call through a typed message using a service for the hearing impaired. Armed police officers arrived at the reported address to find a woman, her teenage son, and two friends. There was no emergency. Rye police are investigating three more hoax calls, dubbed “swatting” because they are meant to draw heavy police response, including from the SWAT team. Source:
. July 3, WBBM 2 Chicago – (Illinois) Chicago’s 911 system crashes. Computers were down overnight July 2 into July 3 at Chicago’s 9-1-1 dispatch center, after the state-of-the-art system unexpectedly crashed. The system routes emergency calls from the dispatch center to police officers in the field. A spokeswoman for the city’s office of emergency management and communications told the Sun-Times Media Wire the system went down for about 4 hours. During the outage, dispatchers manually directed officers to emergencies through their radios. Technicians were working at the center July 3 trying to figure out the cause and make repairs. Source:
. July 3, Washington Post – (Virginia) N.Va.’s 911 emergency call system restored, officials say, but questions linger. Northern Virginia’s 9-1-1 system was fully restored after a series of outages and glitches caused by a major storm on the weekend of June 30, a Verizon spokesman said July 3. However, even as the service came back online, area officials raised new questions about how the carrier handled the outage. The director of Fairfax County’s emergency communications center said it took Verizon roughly 3 hours to officially notify the county that 9-1-1 was down after the emergency line went out early June 30. The 9-1-1 problems in Fairfax, Prince William, Arlington, Manassas, and other areas angered local officials and forced residents to call non-emergency lines and even travel to fire stations to get help. The storm knocked out 9-1-1 in a handful of areas beginning the night of June 29. Service began being restored by June 30 afternoon, but problems persisted through July 3. The chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and other local leaders said they want a task force formed to investigate the 9-1-1 problems, calling it unacceptable for the system to go out during a major emergency. Source:
. July 3, Chicago Tribune – (Illinois) Hacker may have targeted Lemont’s tornado sirens. Lemont, Illinois police suspect someone hacked into the village’s tornado siren system, causing all seven sirens to sound for about 30 minutes, the police chief said July 3. Three sirens were activated inexplicably in Evanston June 30, including two at fire stations, officials said. “Those sirens can only be triggered by our 911 dispatch center,” said the city’s division chief of life safety services. “It’s not something that just anyone can do. We’re not certain on the source.” Source:

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