Infrastructure Daily News 08.10.12

Transportation Sector

12. August 9, KXAS 5 Fort Worth – (Texas) Bomb threat evacuates parts of DFW Terminal A. Portions of Terminal A at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) in Texas were evacuated August 8 because of a bomb threat to an American Airlines flight. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said two American Airlines flights between Austin-Burgstrom International Airport and DFW were threatened. However, American Airlines said the threat was directed at Flight 1072 and a different flight was checked on the ground in Austin, Texas, as a precaution. A threat was also made to an Air Canada flight between Austin and George Bush International Airport in Houston, the TSA said. All three flights landed without incident, the TSA said. DFW said the threat against Flight 1072 was received after 108 passengers deplaned. The plane was towed to an isolation area for screening. Airport police and canine units did not find anything suspicion in two sweeps of the MD-80. Source: A-165525016.html

13. August 8, Baltimore Sun – (Maryland; Virginia; National ) Wilson Bridge, 34 others being checked for possible structural defects. Grout used to protect steel support cables in the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, which carries Interstate 95 over the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia, may be contaminated with an excessive level of chloride, a corroding substance known to accelerate rusting. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) warned 21 States — including Maryland — that as many as 3 dozen bridges were built with possibly defective grout manufactured in Ohio between November 2002 and March 2010. Chloride-contaminated grout was blamed in the collapse of a pedestrian walkway at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, in 2000, injuring more than 100 fans. In the case of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, however, federal and State highway officials insist there is no imminent hazard. The FHA said the presence of chloride is not an indication of corrosion but “does indicate corrosion potential.” “There isn’t any safety issue. There isn’t one in the foreseeable future,” said a spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration. “There’s so much redundancy built into the bridge. But we’re keeping an eye on it.” Source: 20120808_1_grout-wilson-bridge-12-lane-bridge

14. August 8, Associated Press – (Georgia; South Carolina) No one injured in Megabus fire on Georgia highway. A double-decker bus caught fire August 8 along Interstate 85 in northeast Georgia, forcing passengers to scramble off and closing the northbound lanes of the busy highway for hours. The bus was traveling from Atlanta to Charlotte, North Carolina, when the fire began near Parkertown Mill, Georgia. Chicago-based Megabus said about 80 passengers were aboard. All were safely evacuated by the driver in the accident that is the latest in a string of problems for the company. Traffic was backed up for several miles after officials closed the northbound lanes of Interstate 85 near the Georgia and South Carolina border in Lavonia, Georgia. All lanes reopened later August 8. The bus was manufactured by Van Hool in 2012. It passed a full preventative maintenance check less than 2,500 miles ago, according to Megabus. Source:

15. August 8, KING 5 Seattle – (California) Seattle-bound flight makes emergency landing in San Jose. A Seattle-bound Alaska Airlines flight from California had to make an emergency landing in San Jose, California, August 8 after an electrical problem. An Alaska Airlines spokesperson said Flight 539 from Ontario, California, was gaining altitude after takeoff when the incident happened. The pilots declared an emergency and had to pressurize the 737-400 manually. The oxygen masks never deployed, indicating the cabin never actually lost pressure. Alaska Airlines said the plane’s air/ground sensor failed, triggering multiple electrical problems. It caused the auto throttle to disconnect. Pilots then flew the plane by hand. Backup cabin pressure automatically switched on. The 737-400 is from the older generation of jets in Alaska’s otherwise late model fleet. Source:

16. August 8, Syracuse Post-Standard – (New York) Man with gun in carry-on baggage stopped at Binghamton airport. A man was arrested at Greater Binghamton Airport in Maine, New York, August 7 after a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer detected a loaded Ruger gun in his carry-on luggage. The gun was loaded with six bullets, none chambered, and the passenger was arrested by local law enforcement on a State charge of Criminal Possession of a Weapon, the TSA said in a press release. The officer detected the weapon, and the checkpoint was closed while the situation was resolved, TSA said. Source: bagga.html For more stories, see items 46 and 50

Postal and Shipping Sector Nothing to report

Emergency Services Sector

36. August 9, Associated Press – (South Carolina) Green laser forces Coast Guard helicopter to land. The U.S. Coast Guard said it had to abandon another air search because of green lasers along the South Carolina coast. Officials said a Charlestonbased helicopter crew had just begun searching near Garden City Beach early August 8 when they were temporarily blinded and forced to land. One crew member was hit in the eye and could not fly again until the afternoon of August 8. Officials said this marked the third time in 3 weeks a laser has hindered Coast Guard searches in the Grand Strand. The Coast Guard has warned local governments they may have to limit search activities unless they can stop the problem. The penalty for shooting a laser at an aircraft is up to 5 years in prison. Source: html

37. August 7, Wilkes-Barre Times Leader – (Pennsylvania) Charges coming in bazaar melee. Charges and citations will be issued the week of August 13 regarding a melee that broke out August 4 at the Good Will Hose Co. No. 2 Bazaar in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. According to a borough police officer, the fight broke out on the grounds of the West Main Street fire company. He said several neighboring police departments were called to assist. He said that in addition to Plymouth police, officers from Swoyersville, Forty Fort, Kingston, Edwardsville, Larksville, and Luzerne were on the scene. Police had to shut down the bazaar and get those not involved with the fight to leave. The officer said police used a Taser on several people involved in the melee. Source:,188031 For another story, see item 1

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