Infrastructure Daily News 10.01.12

Transportation Sector

. September 28, KUTV 2 Salt Lake City – (Utah) Utah police kill man in front of Utah television station. A man claiming he had an explosive device was shot by officers after a standoff September 27 on Main Street in Salt Lake City right in front of the KUTV 2 Salt Lake City Studios. Investigators remained on Main Street September 28 trying to piece together what happened and what led up to the shooting. KUTV 2 Salt Lake City received a phone call from a man claiming he was wired with a bomb and had a detonator at the Gallivan Trax Stop. Police said they also received a call from the man claiming to have a bomb strapped to his body. Police and SWAT Teams responded and shut down many blocks near Main Street. Trax and bus lines were halted. At one point, police also evacuated the newsroom. The Salt Lake City bomb squad sent two robots to detonate the man’s bag. Police said the man was holding something in his hand when he was shot. Police did not confirm if explosives were in the man’s backpack. Utah Transit Authority temporarily suspended service to Trax trains overnight, but service was fully restored and on schedule as of September 28. Main Street has also been reopened. Source: Television-Station-171815391.html

. September 28, Homeland Security News Wire – (California) BART to adopt earthquake early warning system. Thanks to assistance from the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system can now automatically brake trains when earthquakes threaten to rattle the Bay Area, allowing perhaps tens of seconds to a minute for trains to slow down before the ground starts to shake, Homeland Security News Wire reported September 28. Instituted in August, the earthquake early warning system was created with the help of University of California (UC), Berkeley, seismologists who hooked BART into data flowing from the more than 200 stations throughout Northern California of the California Integrated Seismic Network. “The earthquake early warning system will enable BART to stop trains before earthquake shaking starts, and thereby prevent derailment and save passengers from potential injuries,” said the BART board president. He was joined by a UC Berkeley seismologist who discussed plans for a broader early warning system along the Pacific Coast that would rival Japan’s well-known earthquake early warning system, which not only slows trains but alerts schools and can even automatically shut valves at industrial sites. Source: early-warning-system

. September 28, WAVE 3 Louisville – (Kentucky) More than 4 dozen treated after school bus overturns in crash. At least 50 students were treated after an accident September 28 between a car and a Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) bus that overturned in Louisville, Kentucky. The crash was declared a mass casualty incident. The accident was reported at at Lower River Road and Moorman Road. The bus involved was carrying students picked up in west Louisville and Portland and was headed to Frost Middle School. The other vehicle involved was carrying three people, whom officials said were students at Butler High School. According to police, the car was headed west on Moorman Road when it slid into oncoming traffic. The bus rolled over onto its side. Pleasure Ridge Park firefighters and Metro EMS worked to remove the students from the wrecked vehicles and treat the injured at the scene. The chief operating officer of JCPS said 51 JCPS students were transported to hospitals. A Louisville Metro Police spokesman said none of the students on the bus or in the car had serious or life threatening injuries. Lower River Road was reopened to traffic after the bus was righted and towed from the scene. Source:

. September 28, Wenatchee World – (Washington) Blewett Pass highway closed by fire. A 25-mile stretch of Highway 97 over Blewett Pass in Washington State was closed September 28 because of fire activity. The roadway was closed from 8 miles south of the Big Y junction with Highway 2 to the junction with Highway 970 in Kittitas County. Source: by-fire

. September 27, WCBS 2 New York – (New York) JFK terminal briefly evacuated after agent noticed suspicious-looking paperweight. Terminal 4 was evacuated after a security agent noticed a suspicious-looking object in a man’s bag shortly after he arrived at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport September 27 from Tel Aviv, Israel, authorities said. The customs agent apparently mistook a paperweight for a grenade. “They told us to get out of the terminal. They made us wait for about 30 minutes and then they got us back in,” one man told WCBS 880 AM New York. The arrivals area of Terminal 4 remained roped off a few hours after the incident. The man reportedly told authorities the grenade was inert but the area was evacuated as a precaution. Airport officials said they were working to re-open the terminal. Source: noticed-suspicious-looking-paperweight/ For more stories, see items 4 and 53

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. September 28, Associated Press – (North Carolina) KKK leader in NC convicted on weapons charges. A Ku Klux Klan leader from North Carolina was convicted on weapons and explosive charges related to a plot to blow up the Johnston County sheriff, the Associated Press reported September 28. A jury convicted the leader on six felony counts the week of September 25, including conspiracy, possession of stolen guns, and receipt of explosives with intent to kill. Prosecutors said the Klansman wanted to kill the sheriff, whom he blamed for the failure of his nightclub. He also blamed the sheriff for the Klan not being permitted to march in Benson’s annual Mule Days parade. According to trial testimony, the Klan leader acquired powerful explosives and planned to boat down the Neuse River at night to plant a bomb at the sheriff’s office without being seen. Source: html

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