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Transportation Sector

. October 3, Associated Press – (Oregon) TriMet bus driver stabbed in Oregon City. Police said a TriMet bus driver was attacked and stabbed by a passenger in Oregon City, Oregon, October 2 during fighting touched off by racial slurs. The Oregon City police said the attacker was shouting the slurs but it was not clear at whom. The driver managed to pull over. The attacker and another passenger fought outside the bus, police said, and then the violence spread inside. They said three passengers were injured, two stabbed five times, and the third bitten. The driver was stabbed in the stomach. The police said all are in Portland hospitals and expected to live. Police used a stun gun to subdue the suspect. He was booked on assault and weapons charges. Source: City-3915151.php

. October 3, Associated Press – (Wisconsin) Biker struck and killed by semi. A motorcyclist was killed in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, when a semi driver lost control of his rig and flipped over. Sheriff’s officials said the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on Highway 54 in the Town of Gale October 3. The driver of the semi suffered minor injuries. The road was closed for about 7 hours. Source:

. October 3, Associated Press – (Texas) AA jet returns to DFW due to landing-gear warning. American Airlines said a jet returned to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas shortly after takeoff because of a cockpit indicator that showed a problem with the landing gear, October 2. An Airline spokesman said the landing gear was still working and the plane made a safe landing. He said the pilot of the MD-80 jet declared an emergency but passengers were not told to brace for a crash landing. Flight 1862 was carrying 121 passengers and 5 crew members. The airline said passengers were put on another plane for the trip to St. Louis. Source: warning

. October 2, WSAZ 3 Charleston – (West Virginia) Tractor-trailer crashes have highway officials looking for answers. There has been no shortage of accidents involving tractor-trailers on the interstate in the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia, including a stretch of the West Virginia Turnpike. There was an accident October 2 along Interstate 77 near the Edens Fork. The truck spilled 49,000 pounds of lumber on I-77. The driver said he was heading north when the load he was carrying began to shift and spilled off the truck. Another crash happened just a few weeks ago in the same location. The parkways authority has taken measures to keep the turnpike safer, especially near the Cabin Creek exit. That area has seen four tractor-trailer accidents in the past 2 months. Not only has the authority put up signs, the agency also has enlisted some help. “We’ve talked to our state police and… they’ve indicated to us that they can beef up the patrols in the area in efforts to try to slow traffic down,” said the authority’s director of operations. Source: Have-Highway-Officials-Looking-for-Answers-172362291.html For another story, see item 3

Postal and Shipping Sector
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Emergency Services Sector

. October 3, Evansville Courier & Press – (Indiana) Vandals’ graffiti targets include Evansville police office, liquor store. Vandals spray painted multiple buildings in Evansville, Indiana October 2 including the wall of the West Sector Office of the Evansville Police Department. During one of the incidents, a woman told police when she tried to confront the group, that one of the suspects showed a handgun and fired several shots. Evansville police said at least three buildings were vandalized. An Evansville police sergeant said investigators are working to determine if the symbols are associated with any known gangs. Source:—graffiti/

. October 3, KTVI 2 St. Louis – (Illinois) Woman killed in accident with stolen east St. Louis police car. One person was dead after a man stole an East St. Louis, Illinois police cruiser and then slammed into two innocent victims, KTVI 2 St. Louis reported October 3. It happened when a man was being escorted off a Metro Bus by police. Authorities said that was when the suspect jumped into a police squad car and took off. Police pursued the suspect in a chase. The suspect slammed into two other cars near 70th and State Street. One person was killed. Another was injured and transported to an area hospital. The suspect was taken into custody. Source: police-car/

. October 3, CNN – (Arizona) Manhunt under way for killer of Border Patrol agent. Investigators were searching for suspects October 3 after a shooting that killed one Border Patrol agent and wounded another near the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona. The agents came under fire near Naco, October 2 after responding to a sensor that had gone off near the border, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency said. The agent who was wounded was airlifted to an area hospital and with non-lifethreatening injuries. He was released from the hospital October 3, said an agent with the Tucson Sector of U.S. Border Patrol. The FBI is conducting a joint investigation with the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators have not yet found the weapon used in the shooting, a law enforcement official said. Source:

. October 3, Deseret Morning News – (Utah) Utah firefighter gets jail for setting blazes. An 18-year-old volunteer firefighter from Elk Ridge has been ordered to serve 180 days in jail after he was convicted of setting fires in central Utah the summer of 2012. He was sentenced October 1 for the fires started in June and July. Utah County officials said six fires were set in Loafer Canyon between Elk Ridge and Woodland Hills between June 25 and July 2. The convict was charged for three of them. Source:

. October 3, Associated Press – (California) Plea: Customs agent let convict relative into US. A Customs agent in San Diego pleaded guilty to allowing his brother-in-law, a convicted immigrant smuggler, into the United States, the Associated Press reported October 3. A U.S. attorney announced October 2 that the man pleaded guilty to concealing a person from arrest. He was a 9-year veteran of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. He admitted allowing the convicted immigrant smuggler into the United States from Mexico in April and entering inaccurate data about his car to help him evade arrest. The convict also pleaded guilty to collecting insurance money by claiming his pickup truck had been stolen when in fact he had driven it to Mexico. He agreed to pay more than $7,000 in restitution to Farmers Insurance. He could get 5 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000 when he is sentenced in December. Source: 17380758

. October 1, Boston Globe – (Massachusetts) Ambulance security tightened after potential drug tampering. Boston health officials said October 1 that security measures have been tightened aboard the city’s ambulances following the discovery of drug tampering, allegedly by a Boston Emergency Medical Services paramedic. The tampering with vials of pain medications and sedatives, discovered September 6, 2011, may have exposed as many as 64 patients to blood-borne infections when they were treated during summer 2011, officials said. The Boston EMS chief said that since the alleged incident, the agency has started a “very strict” inspection schedule of the ambulance medications and has improved packaging of the drugs. The Boston Public Health Commission, which runs the city’s ambulance service, began notifying patients over the weekend of September 29 and offering free medical tests to determine whether they were exposed to infectious diseases. Officials do not believe that the paramedic carried any infectious diseases, but they acknowledged that they do not know for sure. Source: boston-ambulances-after-suspected-drug-tamperingparamedic/ SzpHxbHGYO99naSCs0yi4N/story.html For more stories, see items 24 and 33

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