Infrastructure Daily News 10.11.11

Transportation Sector

. October 7, KTVI 2 St. Louis – (Missouri) Laser pointed at plane near Lambert. Someone pointed a laser at an airplane trying to land at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. October 6. Authorities said around midnight October 6, a passenger plane was approaching the airport. St. Louis County police said someone pointed a green laser at the plane. And it happened not once, but twice. Police are still looking for a suspect. Source: 20111007,0,3042265.story

. October 6, Indiana Daily Student – (Indiana) Man attempts to open cabin door 30 minutes before landing. Authorities are investigating why a man attempted to open a door on an American Airlines flight bound for Indianapolis, October 5. According to an Indianapolis Airport Police Department report, the passenger attempted to open the cabin door when the flight was about 30 minutes from landing in Indianapolis. Witnesses told police the man walked to the front of the plane, looked around, then ran to the rear of the plane. He appeared to be looking for a door, another passenger said in the report. He returned to the front and began pulling on the cabin door. The plane’s captain said he saw the cabin door light come on and heard someone trying to open door. He called flight a flight attendant through the plane’s phone system while another passenger approached the man, grabbed his arm and walked him back to his seat. The flight itinerary showed he was flying from Saudi Arabia to Qatar to New York City and then to Indianapolis, the report said. A note the man wrote on the plane was photocopied by police. No charges have currently been filed against him. Source: For more stories, see items 1, 2, 7, 13, 21, and 36

Postal and Shipping Sector Nothing to report

Emergency Services Sector

. October 6, CNN – (California) Hunger strikers down to hundreds in California prisons. Hundreds of California prisoners remain on hunger strike in protest of what they describe as their harsh treatment, though state authorities and inmate-rights advocates differed over the numbers involved. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a press release October 6 that 811 inmates were involved in the protest, a sharp drop from the 4,252 hunger strikers September 29. A spokesman for Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity (PHSS) admitted the numbers have likely dropped. But he said that he does not trust that the numbers being presented accurately reflect those involved. Earlier this week, the PHSS estimated as many as 12,000 inmates were skipping meals. Many were angry about a practice of keeping them in solitary confinement for too long, some as many as 20 years, a PHSS spokesman said. The state corrections department reported October 6 that California State Prison-Corcoran, located about 50 miles south of Fresno, had more hunger strikers — 361 — than any other state facility. Next was the Salinas Valley State Prison between San Jose and San Luis Obispo,with 243 strikers. Three other state prisons — including Pelican Bay, Calipatria, and Ironwood — also had participants. Some 578 inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison, on California’s northern border with Oregon, have stopped their hunger strike and resumed eating, according to the corrections department. That includes 4 of the 11 there who have been identified as leaders in the movement. Some 141 prisoners at that facility are still on a hunger strike. Source:

. October 6, Palm Beach Post – (Florida) Cooper City man charged with pretending to be an officer. A 34-year-old man who has a history of pretending to be a law enforcement officer was arrested on that charge and booked into the Palm Beach County, Florida, Jail October 4. The suspect refused to appear in court the morning of October 6. His first hearing on four counts of impersonation of a law enforcement officer was rescheduled for October 11. On November 24, 2010, he called the sheriff’s office and identified himself as a detective, according to a Palm Beach County sheriff’s probable cause affidavit. He asked for personal information on a man including a Social Security number and address. He said he needed it to complete paperwork. The sheriff’s office employee provided the information, then received an e-mail saying someone was impersonating the real detective. Aventura police arrested the suspect on November 26 for attempting to purchase about $2,000 in gift cards at a Sears store. He was using the Sears credit card of the man whose information he requested, police said. Three days later, the real detective received a voicemail from the suspect that gave his street name and phone number, the affidavit said. The detective said he was familiar with the suspect’s voice after listening to the voicemail. While investigating, the detective found that a detective with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was also investigating similar calls that occurred between November 17 and November 22. After listening to the audio from the calls, the sheriff’s detective was able to recognize the suspect’s voice. Source: man-20111006,0,6024532.story

. October 6, Crossville Chronicle – (Tennessee) Man who said he was the devil threatens cable TV officials, 911 staff and police. A man who called the Crossville, Tennessee 911 emergency center asking that police be dispatched to the Charter Cable office because they would not give him free cable, and then threatened the lives of 911 staff and city police, was taken into custody without incident September 28. The incident took place at 49 Netherton Court, around 4:06 p.m. when a police sergeant answered the call from 911. The man is charged with non-emergency 911 calls, possession of a schedule II drug, possession of a schedule VI drug, and simple assault. Dispatchers told city police they received a call from a man asking that police be sent to the cable company office. When the dispatcher told the caller his call was not an emergency and 911 calls were for emergency purposes only, he reportedly threatened to kill the 911 staff and city police officers for not helping him get free cable. Police found the suspect at the residence and took him into custody, but the sergeant wrote that on the trip to the jail at the justice center, the suspect told him that, “he was the devil, but in human body,” and that he would, “die and come back as the devil’s spirit.” When taken into custody, police said they found marijuana and Adderall in his possession. Source: threatens-cable-TV-officials-911-staff-and-police For another story, see item 35

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