Infrastructure Daily News 12.10.12

Transportation Sector

. December 7, Associated Press – (California) 3 arrested for robbing Bay Area bridge toll takers. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said three Vallejo men were arrested on suspicion of robbing toll takers at the Carquinez Bridge. CHP officials said December 6 the three suspects are accused of targeting toll takers at the bridge between Crockett and Vallejo three times between late 2011 and May 2012. CHP officials said the toll takers were robbed of between $5,000 and $6,000 by a masked passenger, sometimes flashing a gun from the back seat of a car. The CHP is investigating the involvement of as many as seven more people. Investigators used surveillance video and stolen car reports to identify the robbers. The suspects were booked at a county jail on suspicion of robbery. Source: toll-takers-4098186.php

. December 7, Associated Press – (New York) Bus driver not guilty of manslaughter in NY crash. A casino bus driver at the helm of a New York crash that killed 15 people in 2011 was found not guilty of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide December 7. He was found guilty on one count of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. The defense attorney said he was well-rested and the crash was the result of a tractor-trailer that swiped the bus and drove off, causing the bus driver to lose control. The bus was driving from a Connecticut casino to New York’s Chinatown when it crashed March 12, 2011. Authorities said the speeding bus ran off the highway, hit a guardrail, and then toppled. Source: in-NY-crash-4098542.php

. December 6, Charlotte Observer – (North Carolina) Man charged with carrying gun at Charlotte airport. A South Carolina man faces a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed weapon after police said he attempted to take a gun through a security checkpoint at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. The man was stopped by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials November 27 when he attempted to conceal a Colt .45 pistol in his carry-on, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police (CMPD) said. TSA officials confiscated the gun, and CMPD officers arrested the man. He was booked in a county jail and was set to appear in court January 18, 2013. Source: gun.html

. December 5, Reuters – (International) Boeing 787 in emergency landing as inspections ordered. On the same day one of its new Dreamliners made an emergency landing because of a mechanical problem, Boeing said U.S. regulators had ordered the entire fleet of 787 jets to be inspected for a possible fuel line problem, Reuters reported December 6. A brand new United Airlines 787 Dreamliner with 184 people aboard was forced to divert and make an emergency landing in New Orleans December 4 after experiencing a mechanical problem on a flight from Houston to Newark, New Jersey. Boeing said December 4 the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was requiring inspections of all 787s in service to confirm that fuel line connectors had been properly installed. The checks were recommended after two non-U.S. carriers experienced fuel leaks. Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA), Boeing’s Dreamliner launch customer, said December 5 it had reported the leak to the FAA and Boeing. The ANA spokesman said the carrier found the fuel leak on October 23. The FAA requirement, due to be issued December 12 in an airworthiness directive, “makes mandatory inspections already recommended by Boeing,” the company said in a statement. Source:

Postal and Shipping Sector

. December 7, Associated Press – (Texas) Iranian man gets prison for Texas mail, ID theft. An Iranian man living in the Houston area was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for stealing mail, setting up fake identities, and financial fraud, the Associated Press reported December 7. Prosecutors said he took advantage of the U.S. postal system and about 500 people were affected by the scheme. A jury in April convicted him of four counts of bank fraud, one count of possession of stolen mail, and three counts of aggravated identity theft. The man has been in custody since 2010 when authorities discovered stolen mail, fake credit cards, and cash in his apartment. Source: ID-theft-4099198.php

. December 6, Associated Press – (Ohio) Columbus postal worker to plead guilty to mail theft. A U.S. Postal Service worker will plead guilty to charges accusing him of stealing cash and gift cards from mail at a Columbus, Ohio processing center and assaulting officers, the Associated Press reported December 6. Federal authorities said Postal Service agents saw the worker open envelopes and remove the contents while sorting mail in June at the center and put mail in his sock and down his pants. Agents said he punched and bit them when they arrested him. Documents filed December 6 in federal court in Columbus say he will plead guilty to 71 counts of mail theft, 12 counts of receiving stolen mail, and 2 counts of assaulting a federal officer. Investigators said they recovered 71 first-class letters, 20 gift cards, and $341 in cash on the former worker after searching him. Source: plead-guilty-to-mail-theft

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