Infrastructure Daily News 12.12.11

Chemical Industry Sector

. December 9, Salem Today’s Sunbeam – (New Jersey) Under the settlement agreement, DuPont will pay $725,000 in penalties to state. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has reached an agreement with DuPont Co. that requires the firm to pay a fine of $725,000 and upgrade procedures for handling hazardous materials at its Chambers Works plant in Deepwater, the DEP announced December 8. The agreement reached through an administrative consent order, stems from investigations of incidents between 2009 and the present of spills and handling problems at the plant, its hazardous waste disposal landfill, drum and container storage areas, a rail siding, and its industrial wastewater treatment plant. A DuPont spokeswoman said many of the infractions at the 1,455-acre site on the Delaware River involved minor leaks and spills, or record keeping and labeling problems. The DEP said the consent order contains a compliance schedule requiring DuPont to: evaluate and improve, site-wide and area specific procedures relating to the storage, identification and accumulation of waste; provide a list of actions to be undertaken to prevent spills and discharges; remove waste from the wastewater holding tank; perform upgrades to the landfill; characterize, remove and dispose all waste rail cars from the siding area and upgrade rail car management. In 2006, DuPont agreed to upgrade equipment and pay a $105,000 fine as a result of a DEP investigation that logged more than 220 incidents of spills and discharges. Discharges occurred as a result of faulty or inoperable pumps, leaking valves and gaskets, valves inadvertently left open, cracks in containment structures, and accidents. The upgrades worked as intended, but problems started arising again in mid-2008, according to the DEP. The consent order addresses more than 60 violations resulting from subsequent DEP inspections of the facility, according to the state agency. Source:

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Postal and Shipping Sector

. December 9, KABC 7 Los Angeles – (California) Hollywood shooting suspect killed by LAPD. Los Angeles Police Department police officers shot and killed a gunman in Hollywood just outside a FedEx location December 9. Authorities responded to a report that a man was shooting at cars in the 1400 block of Vine Street just before 10:30 a.m. The suspect shot someone, and when police arrived they opened fire on the suspect, killing him. The condition of the victim the suspect shot was not known. Source:

Emergency Services Sector

. December 8, Homeland Security Today – (International) US, Canada announce comprehensive border security plan. The U.S. President and Canadian prime minister announced an ambitious and far-reaching joint Beyond the Border (BTB) Action Plan December 7 designed to strengthen mutual border security, improve the sharing of threat intelligence, and enhance disaster resilience — the ability to mitigate, respond to, and recover from catastrophic disruptions. The planwas first announced February 4, when the U.S. President and prime minister initially put forth their respective governments’ plans, saying “we share responsibility for the safety, security, and resilience of the United States and of Canada in an increasingly integrated and globalized world.” According to a “fact sheet” about the new joint US/Canadian border plan released by the White House, “the BTB Action Plan sets out joint priorities for achieving a new long-term security partnership in four key areas, guided by mutual respect for sovereignty and our separate constitutional and legal frameworks that protect individual privacy.” The plan includes addressing threats early; promoting trade facilitation, economic growth, and jobs; strengthening cross-border law enforcement; and protecting shared critical infrastructure, including enhancing continental and global cybersecurity. Source: comprehensive-border-securityplan/ 8bcf73612fd99536956b506feab517fe.html

32. December 8, Associated Press – (Virginia) Hampton man pleads to impersonating FBI in robbery. A Hampton, Virginia, man has pleaded guilty to robbing a Food Lion while impersonating an FBI agent. The Newport News Daily Press reported the 27- year-old pleaded guilty December 7 to obstructing commerce by robbery, possessing a firearm in a crime of violence, and impersonating an officer or employee of the United States. Police said the suspect and another man entered the store in Newport News October 21 and claimed to be FBI agents. A vendor was shot in the leg, and store employees were threatened with devices the suspects claimed were bombs. Sentencing is set for February 28 in federal court. The suspect faces up to 33 years in prison, including a mandatory 10-year term on the firearms charge that must run consecutively with the other convictions. Source: robbery For another story, see item 36

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