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Transportation Sector

. June 2, KOTV 6 Tulsa – (Oklahoma) Jones Riverside airport hangar explodes in flames early Thursday. Exploding ammunition delayed firefighters’ efforts to fight a fire in a hangar at Jones Riverside Airport on June 2 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Tulsa Fire Department said callers reported a huge explosion at about 1:30 a.m. at a hangar on the north end of the airport located on South Elwood Drive. When Tulsa and Jenks firefighters arrived, they could not approach the hangar because of ammunition exploding inside. Firefighters waited for the fire to die down, then found more ammunition. No one was injured, and there is no word on who owns the hangar. The fire is under investigation. Source: in-flames-early-thursday

. June 1, Associated Press – (National) FAA to fine people who point lasers at planes. Federal aviation officials said they will start imposing fines against people who point powerful lasers at planes and helicopters, which can temporarily blind pilots. The Federal Aviation Administration said June 1 that pilots have reported over 1,100 such incidents in the U.S. so far this year. Agency officials released a new legal interpretation which will allow them to fine people who point the lasers as much as $11,000 per incident. The incidents have increased rapidly around the world over the past six years as online sales of new, powerful handheld lasers have soared. The lasers are marketed as a tool to point out stars at night. Source:

. June 1, Associated Press – (New Jersey) NJ airport terminal closed over suspicious package. A terminal at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport was briefly evacuated by authorities investigating a suspicious package. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokeswoman said Terminal A was evacuated for about an hour June 1. It is unknown if flights were delayed or canceled because of the shutdown. A security checkpoint was briefly closed last month after a Transportation Security Administration officer saw a water bottle in a carry-on bag but the wrong bag was removed for inspection. A checkpoint also briefly closed in February when an improperly screened passenger entered a secure area. Source: For more stories, see items 3, 7, and 36

Postal and Shipping Sector

. June 2, Denver Post – (Colorado) FBI traces evacuation-prompting envelope to Kremmling man with history of tax troubles. The manila envelope sent to the state Revenue Department in Denver, Colorado, the week of May 22 contained not only the benign white powder that prompted mass evacuations but also the name, mailing address, and signature of the man accused of launching a terrorism hoax. The FBI arrested the 51-year-old man May 31 after agents matched a signature in the envelope with the one on his driver’s license and linked the post-office-box return address to his home address in Kremmling, according to an arrest affidavit. The man faces up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted in U.S. District Court. He is charged under rules that prohibit people from providing false information or perpetrating hoaxes related to a terrorism offense. Authorities said the powder was sodium bicarbonate. Source:

. June 1, – (Pennsylvania) Suspicious package in Bloomsburg. A bomb scare closed down part of downtown Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania late June 1. Police said a postal worker discovered what they are calling a suspicious package at the post office on Market Street. A State Police bomb unit arrived in the evening to examine the package and determined it to be a hoax device, according to a U.S. postal police inspector. An investigation is occurring to determine who sent the package. Police said the person could face several federal and local charges. Two blocks were closed to traffic while the package was examined. Source:

. June 1, KSFY 13 Sioux Falls – (South Dakota) Fort Pierre Post Office evacuated. Threatened by floodwaters, the Fort Pierre, South Dakota Post Office was evacuated and operations will move to the Pierre Post Office on June 1. The evacuation is in effect until further notice. Letter carriers will continue to deliver to Fort Pierre businesses and residences where possible. Source:

. June 1, Bay City News – (California) S.F.: Federal courthouse evacuated because of suspicious package. A police bomb squad is investigating a suspicious package discovered at the federal courthouse at Mission and Seventh streets in San Francisco, California June 1. The package was reported at about 11:30 a.m. in a basement area where packages come in and are X-rayed, a police officer said. One package was deemed suspicious, and the Federal Protective Service, which provides security at the courthouse, asked the Police Department’s bomb squad to respond, he said. The basement and first floor of the building were evacuated, and people on the other floors were told to shelter in place, he said. Source:

Emergency Services Sector

. June 2, Associated Press – (Louisiana) 34 tires slashed at Thibodaux police headquarters. Police in Thibodaux, Louisiana said an unsolved incident of vandalism has them taking a new look at the security around their headquarters. Someone slashed 34 tires on 11 new Chevrolet Tahoes parked at the Thibodaux Police headquarters May 5. The portion of the parking lot where the cars sat, near the rear of the building, had no cameras, though other portions of the parking lot were covered with cameras. The police chief told The Daily Comet that the department now has put cameras in the back and is considering different angles and spots to place its other cameras. Source:

. June 1, WUSA 9 Washington, D.C. – (District of Columbia) Quarter of D.C. ambulance fleet out of service. In the midst of an extreme heat wave, Washington, D.C. Fire and EMS faced a stiff challenge. The firefighters’ union said 7 of the city’s 25 basic life support units were out of service. The D.C. Firefighters Association said the ambulances, 28 percent of the city’s fleet, had mechanical problems. The Washington D.C. Fire chief said 10 new vehicles are on order. “The extreme weather conditions are presenting a challenge for us and our fleet maintenance mechanics,” he said, adding that all but two of the front line vehicles were back in service by the afternoon and the remaining two were expected to be running by the end of the day. The D.C. Firefighters Association said there is no longer a reserve fleet to depend on because they are broken down. 9NEWS NOW counted six ambulances out of service in the back of the fire house on New Jersey Avenue. The one ambulance which was dispatched from that location was without air conditioning. A member of the D.C. Firefighters Association emailed a picture to 9NEWS NOW of the temperature inside an ambulance which was transporting a patient. It read 102 degrees. Source: 49. May 31, Los Angeles Times – (California) Helicopter crew in another laser arrest. A 31-year-old man was arrested May 27 on suspicion of flashing a laser three times at a police helicopter crew, officials said. The Glendale, California man was taken into custody in his Elk Avenue apartment in connection with discharging a laser at an aircraft, according to Glendale Police Department reports. The aircrew notified fellow officers that at about 10:45 p.m. they had been struck by a green laser while patrolling the skies over South Glendale. They noticed the light coming from a white apartment building on Elk Avenue. As officers searched the building, the aircrew was hit again with the laser. But this time, they were able to pinpoint the laser to the man’s apartment. The man told officers that he did not point a laser at the helicopter, but instead had been looking at stars through a telescope, according to reports. A neighbor told police that he had seen the man previously use a telescope, which was attached with a laser, to look outside his window, according to reports. Source: laser_1_green-laser-laser-arrest-police-helicopter

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