Jetstar in more safety scares

with distracted pilots

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A document has outlined more safety scares involving distracted pilots. Picture: Kelly Barnes Source: The Daily Telegraph

JETSTAR was involved in two other safety scares involving crew becoming distracted on approach to an airport, it has been revealed.

An internal Jetstar document sent to Crikey outlined the incident which occurred at Proserpine Airport in Queensland’s Whitsundays.

Safety officers from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau last week revealed a Jetstar flight was forced into a last-minute aborted landing at Singapore Airport because of distractions including the sound of text messages being sent to the captain.

In the latest incident to be revealed two pilots became briefly distracted by an instrumentation issue, which distracted them from noticing lights which act as a visual cue for landing had not yet been turned on, Crikey reports.

The document, which was circulated before December last year, says that in keeping with a revised and more conservative set of standards for approaches to landings all Jetstar aircraft must be fully configured and stable by the time they have descended to 1000 feet height above ground.
Jetstar has issued this response today:
“On 14 May 2011, Jetstar flight JQ 830 from Brisbane landed safely at Proserpine airport after performing a go-around. At no point was the safety of the aircraft or passengers compromised.
The go-around was due in part to the failure of Proserpine Airport to alert all flights within the region about the changed conditions for activating runway lights.
As the aircraft approached the runway, the pilots were distracted by ensuring the runway lighting was activated and decided to perform a go around.
This incident at Proserpine is used in our pilot refresher training, which is completed by all Jetstar pilots every year. Many airlines around the world, including Jetstar, use real life events to provide valuable training and skills to their pilots during refresher courses.”


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