“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” ~Mark Twain

John Cairney

Originally from London England, John graduated Arizona State University with a degree in

He then worked for start-up airline and industry disrupter, America West Airlines. As part of their
Corporate Communications leadership team, John worked directly with three different CEOs in 8 years
overseeing employee & shareholder communications, community relations, and training.
Ever the entrepreneur, John left the airline to start a multimedia development company specializing in
web-based training and marketing programs where he won multiple awards for programs, he developed
for Fortune 1000 companies.

In 2004, John co-founded SSi. The events of 9/11 inspired him to want to develop better aviation
security and safety training to help make our airports safer. His creative vision and audience-focus is a
true benefit for clients as he leads the development teams’ production of training programs.
John enjoys music, shooting and editing, and travelling with his family. Although, if his wife is reading
this… they are not necessarily in that order.