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Learning Management System

The right solution for your Airport size.

Compliance Recordkeeping with Automated Training Delivery

Learning Management System

The SSi interactive Learning System (iLS™) provides a secure training solution with flexible pricing plans based on your budget. Clients can begin with one low monthly fee and implement it in one week with little effort. 

  • Meet the new electronic/digital training reporting requirements with SSi solutions.
  • Maintain online training records with real-time management reporting.
  • Create and upload simple courses to keep all tenants informed of new procedures.
  • Integrate with 3rd-party airport badging. access-control and HR systems.
  • Now you can create a seamless flow of data between credentialing and FAA / TSA regulatory training using application integration API. The interactive Learning System can integrate with 3rd party credentialing, badging or access control software to create a seamless flow of data between systems.
  • Here’s how it works…Staff enters the applicant’s information into a badging/credentialing software. Once the applicant has cleared the CHRC/STA the applicant’s data is pushed to the iLS™. The applicant then logs into the iLS™ and takes the required training based on the requirements set by the client. Upon completion of training the iLS™ updates the results instantly via the real-time API.


  • Eliminating errors from duplicate data entry
  • Minimizing bottlenecks in your credentialing process
  • Reducing labor cost – unlimited scalability


iLS™ Enterprise

  • Courses customized to your airport
  • Dedicated system
  • ✓ Integrate with 3rd party systems
  • ✓Small Hub
  • ✓ Medium Hub
  • ✓ Large Hub
  • ✗ Ground Handler
  • ✗ International Airport
  • ✗ Aviation Enthusiast
  • ✗ Airport Contracted Operator

iLS™ Basic

  • Choose from over 50 standardized courses
  • Deploy in 7 days
  • ✓Small Hub
  • ✓ Medium Hub
  • ✓ Ground Handler
  • ✓ Airport Contracted Operator
  • ✗ Large Hub
  • ✗ International Airport
  • ✗ Aviation Enthusiast

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