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During the recent ACI-NA Winter Board of Directors Meeting in Salt Lake City, the Board of Directors approved the Small Airports Committee recommendations pertaining to opening ACI-NA membership to General Aviation (GA) airports.

As you know over the past twelve months the ACI-NA Board and the Committee have closely examined whether to support standardization between ACI-World’s Bylaws, which allow general aviation membership within the respective organization, and ACI-North America’s Bylaws which do not currently extend membership opportunities to general aviation airports outside of commercial airport operating authorities.

Specific Bylaw recommended changes presented by the Committee and approved by the Board of Directors include the following:

  • GA membership will be extended only on a participation basis. As a result, GA airports will be allowed to participate in all ACI-NA Committees and steering groups and will also be eligible to serve as Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs. However, they will not be eligible to vote at the annual general membership meeting; serve on the ACI-NA Board of Directors; or serve on the ACI-NA Nominating Committee.
  • A new GA working group will form under the Small Airports Committee to examine unique issues pertaining to general aviation airports. With the creation of the working group, there will not be a General Aviation Committee dedicated solely to General Aviation issues.
  • Membership dues associated with General Aviation will be no less than dues associated with airports with zero to 99.999 traffic units (currently $800). Referencing the FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems Report for the 2011 to 2015 period, based aircraft will be used as the determining factor for activity and dues level. Airports with 500 or less based aircraft will pay $800 in annual dues while airports with more than 500 based aircraft pay $2,500.

Please note the above new changes will be incorporated into the ACI-NA Bylaws during the annual fall Board meeting, scheduled for September 8 in Calgary, Alberta. Once incorporated, GA airports will be immediately eligible to join.

Please contact ACI-NA’s Paul Eubanks with further questions.


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