Memphis Pilot Plans On Suing To Change Passenger Screening Procedures

Memphis Pilot Plans On Suing To Change Passenger Screening Procedures

Airport Employee Preparing To Step Onto Scanner (Randy Wimbley) Airport Employee Preparing To Step Onto Scanner (Randy Wimbley)

Reported by: Kevin Holmes

Updated: 10/22 9:12 pm

MEMPHIS, TN – Memphis Pilot Michael Roberts says the newly installed body scan machines at Memphis International Airport are an infringement of his Fourth Amendment Rights.

While on his way to work, Roberts was randomly chosen for a body scan. When Roberts refused, he was given the option of a thorough pat down by TSA Officials, which he also refused. He was then asked to leave the airport. “They subjected me to multiple layers of absurdity,” Roberts tells ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Absurd to Roberts, but extra assurance says the Memphis International Authority. Executive Vice President Scott Brockman says passengers can expect to see more of those machines so get used to it. “We hope that passengers give this some time and come to realize this is in their best interest to provide that level of safety.”

For Roberts this level of safety has prompted a lawsuit. He’s suing the government over the air passenger screening procedures. While on ABC’s Good Morning America, Roberts called the search a violation of his Fourth Amendment Rights. “It’s not dispensable for the sake of a false sense of security,” Roberts says. “Just to make us feel better, or that something is being done.”

Roberts is a pilot for Express Jet Airlines. He’s based out of Houston. Roberts never made it to work that day but says fighting for what he believes in is much more important. “I’m doing this for my children and I’m concerned about the world they’re going to grow up in. I think that’s more important than my job.”


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