Moscow airport bombing will influence U.S. airport security

Moscow airport bombing will influence U.S. airport security

January 27, 2011 5:30 AM

During the time when Russia was the Soviet Union there were very few, if any, terrorist attacks. The Peoples Republic of China also suffers few rebel/dissident attacks. Why? Because they “crack-down” hard and fast (as did the USSR).
Who perpetrates virtually all of today’s terrorist attacks to bring about a religious rule to both countries? Muslims. For Russia it is Chechen “rebels” (whom are Islamic and wish for Sharia law). For China it is “dissidents” who are funded and backed by Muslim countries.

Why has Russia seen an increase in terrorist attacks? They fear the worldwide condemnation that comes with quelling Islamic murders. It is OK, however, to quell capitalist or Democratic dissent (See Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.) without much of an outcry from world leaders. When it is a cry for Democracy, the bloodshed is denounced. When it is trying to stop Islamic terrorists, there is a vociferous, undulating call for outrage.
Don’t believe me? Refer to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. Now refer to Lebanon and the current situation (Hezbollah). Refer to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Tunisia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia. Ask Salman Rushdie (who dared to write about Islam), the Danes (who dared to print editorial cartoons), the Twin Tower workers (who dared to be American and go to work), The Spaniards (who dared to send troops), The French (who dared to send troops and were ignorant enough to try to stop the burning and looting in their Muslim neighborhoods).

I am not saying that we should become like the PRC or the USSR. I am saying that we are being forced to be more like them every single day. Mark my words – there will soon be no way to wait for incoming passengers at our airports due to the Domodedovo Airport bombing in Russia. We already have full body scanning, full body pat downs, no shampoo, no toothpaste, no lighters, no matches, etc. We are also looking at putting predator drones in American air space.
Rep. Sue Myrick has been very vocal about Council on American-Islamic Relations. The majority of the Republican Party will call a terrorist a terrorist – not a dissident, rebel, enemy combatant or any other misleading name. The majority of these mass murders are committed by Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Jihadists, Hamas, etc. All claim to follow the Qur’an. So where are the Muslims who espouse the “religion of peace?” Speak up, speak out! Or are you, too, afraid?

Anyone who dares call these murderer’s deeds as tied to their religion is called a Nazi, bigot or “fear monger.” Go figure!
I don’t want to hear about Timothy McVeigh (a true whack job), Jared Loughner (another winner) or any of the “pro-life” misfits who are ostracized by their own groups (Eric Rudolph). It is time to say that a rose smells like a rose … a skunk stinks.
James E. Bodenheimer


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