Lorena de Rodriguez began in aviation working in airline ramp and customer service. Her unique focus on safety and security procedures, convey the premise that compliance with rules and customer service aren’t mutually exclusive processes.

In each training session, Lorena seeks to teach, motivate and encourage new-entrant, aviation employees as well as expand knowledge for the airport professional. She has completed the Airports Council International Executive Leadership program taught in conjunction Concordia University. She is an adjunct faculty member of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University from which she holds a Master of aviation management. As a guest instructor, she has facilitated training to Airports Council International Global Training program, conducting classes in Korea, Panama, Dubai, and Switzerland.

Lorena has served on working groups with AzAA, a project review panel for RTCA and the TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research panel, and an FAA task force on training standards. She has participated in and evaluated several FAA emergency response drills and exercises in Arizona.

Since 1997, Lorena has created participatory workshops and programs for aviation companies and airports. Soon after, SSi began to develop engaging and interactive regulatory, computer-based training programs focusing on airport security and safety. Lorena’s consultancy skills include airport security manual writing and training to include safety program creation and airport certification manual writing.

Much of SSI’s growth comes through Lorena’s ability to create relationships with other similar-sized small businesses and creating valuable programs for clients.