New Airport Authority Members Talk About S.F. Airport Future

New Airport Authority Members Talk About S.F. Airport Future

by Jason Rantala
September 22, 2011 10:08 PM

Today Mayor Mike Huether announced the addition of two new people to the Airport Authority Board.

Additions the mayor hopes will help increase customers and cut down on the number of flyers going to other cities.

Ruth Krystopolski and Julie Schnaible were appointed to help continue what officials say is an upward trend for the airport.

The board says the addition of Frontier Airlines, along with remodeling, is helping the airport to soar.

“The airport is the front door to our city and we want to make sure that we have the best front door in the region,” said Krystopolski.

Krystopolski says she’s pleased more people are choosing to fly out of Sioux Falls, with travel is up almost five percent.

But she says there’s still room for improvement.

For instance, by adding more carriers who offer cheaper flights.

“There’s a number of carriers around the country that aren’t in the Sioux Falls market so clearly that will be something we’ll continue to explore,” said Schnaible.

More options that would hopefully lead to lower costs and even more traffic.

“Ensuring that people look at Sioux Falls as their first choice, because the options are here and that they don’t feel they need to go to other airports to find cheaper fares or better flight options,” said Schnaible.

Leading to what would be the new board members’ ultimate goal: getting every Sioux Falls resident to fly out of their hometown airport.

“Absolutely, you have to have goals,” said Krystopolski.

Krystopolski predicts there will be more airline choices for Sioux Falls flyers in the next one to two years.


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