New Full-Service Fixed Base Operator Set For Airport

New Full-Service Fixed Base Operator Set For Airport
$10 Million Project To Include Fuel Center, Offices, Hangars

posted July 28, 2010

A $10 million development is planned at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport “to provide first-class, competitive aviation support facilities to serve general and commercial aviation,” Mayor Ron Littlefield and airport officials announced Wednesday morning.

It will include a fuel center, offices and hangars.

The development will be on the airport’s west side via an entrance off Lee Highway from the old Target site.

A $3 million federal Stimulus grant will help fund the project.

The project on eight acres will include a 9,000-square-foot terminal, an office complex for pilot accommodations and business resources and a 12,000-square-foot state-of-the-art hangar facility.

Phase 1 will total $5 million. Phases 2 and 3, to be bid at a future time, will be another $5 million.

“For the entire duration that I have served or chaired the Airport Authority, representatives from the airlines, private aircraft owners and business leaders have asked us over and over again to provide some options related to fuel, equipment and services,” said Dan Jacobson, chairman of the Airport Authority. “We are thrilled to be bringing more options to the table for our customers.”

“This is purely about economic development,” said Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield. “Competition keeps pricing down and the end result benefits the consumers, which in this case are the airlines, corporate and private aircraft owners and citizens like you and me who fly out of the airport on a regular basis.”

Airport officials further stated that this is direct response to airline and private aircraft owners pressuring the airport to provide alternative fuel options. “Pilots have told us that they would not refuel here because of pricing, and I have been asked by the airlines and corporate pilots to create a more competitive environment at the Airport,” said Mike Landguth, airport president. “This is exactly what we do for air service by recruiting new airlines and flights into our city – we encourage competition and consumers benefit with lower fares. The same is true in fueling. A more competitive environment creates a win/win for our pilots and our passengers.”

Construction for the fixed base operator is scheduled to begin this fall and completion is anticipated for summer 2011. In support of the airport’s goals to be environmentally responsible, the facilities will be built to LEED standards.

Airport officials stated that they plan to have the facility managed by an independent third party and a request for proposals to identify that firm will be posted by Oct. 1.

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